The Springville Times is the official newspaper of the Town of
Concord, covering the Village of Springville, surrounding communities
and the Springville-Griffith Institute school district.

The Springville Times is published every Friday and is dedicated to
producing a free, advertiser-supported, weekly newspaper that serves
as a local community forum for news.

Owned by Bradford Publishing Company, the Springville Times is
operated and written by people you will see in the community,
recording the history of the village and town and its people, and
strives to enhance the quality of life for residents, merchants and
visitors. You will find us in convenient locations throughout the
greater Springville area.

A balanced blend of local and recreational news, the Springville Times
brings you the latest in the events, business news, religious updates,
education spotlights, sports contests, artistic celebrations,
festivals, shopping opportunities, area attractions, live music and
theatre productions, restaurant offerings, cultural happenings, recent
developments and more.

Have ideas, suggestions and comments? Send them our way by emailing After all, this is your newspaper and we
want to hear from you. Be sure to check in with us every Friday,
because you never know what might be happening in Springville.