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Homecoming Week at SGI


By ROWAN POTZLER, SGI Student Reporter With this year’s Spirit Week, it brought people posting on their Snapchat stories how all-out they were going for the event. Some asked for someone to go with them to the dance or to the game. Others didn’t care or they’d post themselves getting asked out to the dance. In the school itself, the student ... Read More »

Springville’s GSA Makes Plans for School Year

By Rowan Potzler SGI Student Reporter Springville’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), which meets on Thursdays right after school in Ms. Flint’s Room 146, met on Sept. 6 and elected its student officers. The club is run by Mrs. Degenfelder. The GSA at Springville, like every other one, is run by students. The club at Springville was started by its current president, ... Read More »

SGI Students Look Forward to the Fair


By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter Ah, the Erie County Fair. The yearly gathering of rides, animal shows, and prizes given away in booths. Two weeks of childish fun, all to forget yourself and enjoy it at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. A nightmare for parents trying to get through the choked traffic. A wonderland to children, seeing everything as so much bigger ... Read More »

SGI Students Look Forward to Summer Break!


By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter Summer – a season of hot weather, water, and parties. “I think of air conditioning and Netflix,” said a sophomore, Brianna Kruska. Her friend, Jessie Seifert, agreed. “I’m on Netflix 24/7, but I do like Freezie Pops,” Jessie laughed, as she ate her lunch. “Ice cream is better!” shouted Erin Schneider, also a sophomore, very ... Read More »

Reinhold Looks Back on 30 Years at SGI


By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter Mrs. Reinhold-Gibson is a longtime teacher in Springville-Griffith’s science wing – she’s been in the same room for over 30 years now. She’s also a coordinator for the Whale Watch trip 20 students can embark on to Cape Cod, adding to international databases detailing the information on currently endangered whales. She’s retiring now, at the ... Read More »

A New Tool for Tech Students


By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter The new laser in the Technology department, hidden within the halls of SGI High School, is a force to be reckoned with. It can indent logos onto wood, metal, or glass – and it’s all for the tech students in Springville. However, the Engineering Teacher in charge, Jon Shelley, hopes that in the future, ... Read More »

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