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A LOOK BACK: Springville Photographers Preserving the Past


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back to all the wonderful, delightful photographs that we have in our archives, I’m sure you have some of your own in various photo albums and boxes that your aunts, uncles and grandparents kept and passed on to you.  You know the ones I am talking about— the ones where there is a person standing or ... Read More »

Remembering Grace Gentner

Grace Gentner

By Jolene Hawkins Looking back at some of the women who should be remembered, let’s see if you can guess who this is … She started to walk at the age of one, worked at Kronenberg’s department store as a buyer, had three children, signed many a fishing, hunting and wedding license, volunteered at just about every organization and event ... Read More »

A Look Back: Woman’s Relief Corps


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back into our past, did our foremothers do anything in their spare time besides cook, clean, raise a family, plant and work the garden or flower beds and preserve her food from the garden? Well, I went on a search through our local newspapers and found out why yes, indeed they did! Our foremothers started to ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Stories Quilts Tell


By Jolene Hawkins Look back upon the designs and unique qualities of some of the quilts that have been donated to the Concord Historical Society by the local families and you’ll be amazed. The quilt you see in the photograph belonged to Mrs. Florence Childs and was made in 1836 by her great-great-great-aunt, Pantha Woolcott. The wool was gathered from ... Read More »

Anna Brooks and the Woman’s Club


By Jolene Hawkins Looking Back to some women who help formed Springville in the past, I think one of the first women I will talk about is Anna Brooks.  Anna lived from 1866 to 1950, and in her lifetime she achieved more than the “modern” woman has. One of the reasons we can look back through old records and items ... Read More »

A Look Back: Lightning Rods and the Heary Bros.

By Jolene Hawkins It’s the time of the year where we get thunderstorms, winds, rain and, of course, lightning! It was during a thunderstorm in 1752 when Ben Franklin discovered that lighting was actually electricity.  That discovery paved the way for the development of the first lighting rod called  “Franklin Rod.” Now, what does that have to do with anything?  ... Read More »

A Look Back: Springville Canning Factory


By Jolene Hawkins Did you know that at one time, Springville had a large canning factory?  In May of 1879, there was a proposal of creating a canning factory and by August of the same year, there was an ad in the paper wanting 25 women or girls to work at the place. By 1887, 300 or more people were ... Read More »

A Look Back: Bugle Calls During the Civil War


By Jolene Hawkins In the mid 1860s, there was a conflict brewing—states with different ideas and wants, brothers and families on both sides. Men and horses were being signed up and acquired for the many Calvary Units, and Infantries, along with some of the local men that served from this area—William Dunbar, George Barker, Henry Beaver and Charles Beebe. Do ... Read More »

The End of World War I and the American Legion


By Jolene Hawkins One hundred years ago, in 1918 — what was going on?  You could buy Shredded Wheat for 11 cents a box, watch Dustin Farnum play Davy Crocket, go to a barn dance and hear a five-piece orchestra from Buffalo play or Archie Warner and his group with fiddle and banjo play. A boxed lunch and dance was ... Read More »

A LOOK BACK: Godard Memorial Hall


By Jolene Hawkins How many of us have attended a event at the Godard Memorial Hall? Ever wonder how the hall got its name? In 1901,  Calista Godard contracted with L J Shuttleworth to build a large fireproof building to be devoted to religious, scientific and educational purposes, and when completed, it was to be presented to the Village of Springville.  ... Read More »

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