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A Look Back: The Travels of Edgar Spaulding – Part 1


Looking back in our archives, I was delighted to find that Edgar Spaulding — a local man and one of the photographers here in Springville — recalls his Motor Camping trip that he and his family went on in 1926. So let us begin his journal… I (Edgar Spaulding) have been on the road some seven months, covering over 5,000 ... Read More »

A Look Back: What’s in a last name?


Looking back in our genealogy files and you will see a vast number of last names. It is always fun to find out what your ancestors did, where they lived and where did they come from, but what about their surname? Where did it come from? What does it mean? Tracing the origins of surnames can help us gleam more ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Founding Fathers of Springville and Concord


Looking back to when we were little, what stands out the most in your mind? Was it dinners during the week when the whole family sat down and talked? Not using a cell phone, but really looked at each other and talked. Maybe it was when we went on family outings, with mom and dad and all your siblings or ... Read More »

A Look Back: Mail Order Homes from Sears


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back to when all of our wishes and whims could be found within the pages of a Sears and Roebuck catalog. Everything from a new camera, to a grand piano, to medical supplies, to hammerless revolvers, to traveling bags to a six-hole steel range stove, to monuments for your loved ones in the graveyard — you ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Ladies at Home during Wartime


Looking back to the ladies who were on the home front during the conflicts we have had, what did they do to help the soldiers? As far back as the Civil War, we see where ladies helped to raise money for the war effort. They organized raffles and fairs and used the money to help pay for war supplies. They ... Read More »

A Look Back: Maplewood Cemetery

By Jolene Hawkins   Did you know that before cemeteries were established, family was buried in a small family plot, or near the house? With so many causes of death from drowning in the creek, or a mill pond, to having a tree or limbs falling on them to lighting striking the person, cattle or horses injuring them, and of ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Undertaker Business in Springville


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back to the occupations of the undertaker, and in one in particular for our area was A L Pingrey, who ran a furniture and undertaking business starting in 1892. Now you may ask, why furniture?  Well, think about it.  The undertaker usually made the casket.  To make the casket, they would use six boards, and one ... Read More »

A Look Back: Guy K Protector, the Famous Race Horse


By Jolene Hawkins Who remembers Guy K Protector? Well, he was a famous race horse owned by the Dewey Dygert family from Springville. He got his name from a comprised combination of his owners names of Dr. Guy Kane and the colt’s sire, Protector. Guy K Protector traveled the country and into Canada, breaking racing records and making headlines. When ... Read More »

The History of the Smith-Weismantel Funeral Home


By Jolene Hawkins Every town as it was formed had certain trades that would be established. A church or two,  schools, a general store for your dry food, canned goods, sewing items, clothes and more, maybe a newspaper office and a furniture/funeral store. Why did the same person usually run the furniture and funeral business? Because building caskets used the ... Read More »

Concord Mercantile Brings Together Springville History


By Jolene Hawkins Do you ever wonder about where some of the buildings and businesses were located in Springville? Well, I am going to give you a history of the Concord Mercantile property, located on Franklin Street. Originally, Rufus Eaton purchased it in 1810 and a map from 1818 shows a distillery located there. What else has been there? Well, ... Read More »

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