Thursday , February 22 2018
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A Healthier 2018 You: Wellness


By Carlee Frank It’s week nine of A Healthier You and we’re about to change things up. Unlike usual, I won’t ask you to drop and give me 50, or even eat your fruits and vegetables – instead, I’m asking you to kick back and relax as we discuss wellness. Some may roll their eyes and mutter something about hippies, ... Read More »

Meal Prepping For a Healthier You


By Carlee Frank Welcome to week eight of a Healthier You! I have a question: when did you eat last, and what did you eat? If you are similar to four in 10 Americans, you skipped breakfast and snacked for lunch (ABC News, IDEA). Furthermore, a 2014 Nielson poll found that snacking purchases — such as Greek yogurt, nutritional bars ... Read More »

A Healthier 2018 You: Hydration Station


By Carlee Frank Welcome to the seventh week of a healthier you! This week, we’re diving into a sea of crystal blue water, standing under a tropical waterfall and listening to a babbling brook –yes, you guessed it, we’re discussing water. Hydration is the one of the most important functions in the human body. We can survive three weeks of ... Read More »

A HEALTHIER 2018 YOU: Diet Fads


By Carlee Frank It’s week five of a Healthier 2018 You, and I hope your mind and body are feeling the improvements! Did you implement stretching into your daily routine last week? You might have reached into your first stretch only to realize you could barely touch your calves—but don’t be disheartened. Each time you stretch you will feel your ... Read More »

A Healthier 2018 You: The Art of Stretching


By Carlee Frank Hello there! Have you stayed on track with your health and fitness goals this week? So far, we’ve discussed the first steps to a healthy diet, figured out how to fit exercise into our busy weeks and talked about the realities of the current food industry. While these challenges might seem overwhelming now, remain dedicated and you ... Read More »

A HEALTHIER 2018 YOU: Nutrient Check


By Carlee Frank Welcome back to the third week of a healthier you! Now that you’ve added exercise to your new and improved diet, how do you feel? Maybe you’re tired and a bit stressed out, or you are energized and hopeful—either way, keep pushing forward. Most of us want to see results the next day, but lifestyle changes take ... Read More »

A Healthier 2018 You: Carve Out Time to Exercise


By Carlee Frank The New Year is here and that means you can’t take back the health and fitness goals you set for yourself. It’s time to buckle down –but don’t worry, I’m here to help! First, let’s assess last week’s mindset challenge. Did you incorporate the question, “How can this be healthier?” into your diet? Maybe you opted for ... Read More »

A HEALTHIER 2018 YOU: Food for Thought


By Carlee Frank The New Year is just around the corner, and I can practically hear the confetti cannons and Ole Langsyne; but do you know what else I can hear? Millions of New Year’s resolutions uttered globally. If you’re one of the many looking to improve your health through diet and fitness in the new year, this series is ... Read More »

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