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A Look Back: Springville’s Roots in Music History


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back to music in our area, to the good ‘ole days, did you know that Springville was originally called Fiddler’s Green?  As early as 1815, there were fiddlers that played in a log tavern in town, which adjoined the “green” area. This tavern was a favorite resort for fiddlers who came to learn and practice the ... Read More »

A LOOK BACK: Springville Photographers Preserving the Past


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back to all the wonderful, delightful photographs that we have in our archives, I’m sure you have some of your own in various photo albums and boxes that your aunts, uncles and grandparents kept and passed on to you.  You know the ones I am talking about— the ones where there is a person standing or ... Read More »

A Healthier 2018 You: Building Muscle and Tone

By Carlee Frank Buff, toned, ripped, shredded… the list could go on for the many names of people with pronounced muscles and little body fat. The appeal of muscular bodies traces back to ancient Greece. Greek sculptures feature six-pack abs and bulging leg muscles, and Greek body armor featured bronze abs and pronounced chest muscles. Greek history scholars Hans Van ... Read More »

Soreness and Fatigue


By Carlee Frank The weather is warming up and the sun is beginning to shine; this means throngs of wintertime hibernators are dusting off their workout clothes to hit the gym, the roads and even indoor pools for some laps. This is exciting news, but there’s one caveat –all of the muscles that laid dormant during the winter are about ... Read More »

A Look Back: Woman’s Relief Corps


By Jolene Hawkins Looking back into our past, did our foremothers do anything in their spare time besides cook, clean, raise a family, plant and work the garden or flower beds and preserve her food from the garden? Well, I went on a search through our local newspapers and found out why yes, indeed they did! Our foremothers started to ... Read More »

A New 2018 You: Weight Loss Plateau

By Carlee Frank We’ve all been there — sweating through every workout, dieting like a champ and watching the pounds drop on the scale, but then it hits: the weight loss plateau. After this point, it seems impossible to lose weight. Your regular workouts and diet plan just aren’t cutting it, right? Well, this week, we’re busting the weight loss ... Read More »

Traditions Continue at the Broadway Market


By Jennifer Weber Across Western New York, many people take an annual pilgrimage during the Easter Season to the Broadway Market located in the heart of Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. While many visit to pick up their annual butter lamb, fresh Polish sausage and pierogies, a bunch of pussy willows and maybe a few painted wood eggs, the market has so ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Stories Quilts Tell


By Jolene Hawkins Look back upon the designs and unique qualities of some of the quilts that have been donated to the Concord Historical Society by the local families and you’ll be amazed. The quilt you see in the photograph belonged to Mrs. Florence Childs and was made in 1836 by her great-great-great-aunt, Pantha Woolcott. The wool was gathered from ... Read More »

Anna Brooks and the Woman’s Club


By Jolene Hawkins Looking Back to some women who help formed Springville in the past, I think one of the first women I will talk about is Anna Brooks.  Anna lived from 1866 to 1950, and in her lifetime she achieved more than the “modern” woman has. One of the reasons we can look back through old records and items ... Read More »

A Look Back: Lightning Rods and the Heary Bros.

By Jolene Hawkins It’s the time of the year where we get thunderstorms, winds, rain and, of course, lightning! It was during a thunderstorm in 1752 when Ben Franklin discovered that lighting was actually electricity.  That discovery paved the way for the development of the first lighting rod called  “Franklin Rod.” Now, what does that have to do with anything?  ... Read More »

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