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Fourth- and fifth-grade students will present a musical titled “Kid Flix” next Thursday, Feb. 7.

By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter

All are welcome to attend a musical presented by 62 Springville Elementary fourth and fifth graders titled “Kid Flix” on Thursday, Feb. 7.

Under the direction of their music teacher, Donna Benstead, the students have been preparing since Oct. 11.

“I knew the students would really enjoy learning the songs and choreography to bring the music to life!” she said.

They began with one-hour-long rehearsals each week, Benstead said. In December, they focused on soloists and speakers, and during January, they increased rehearsals to 2 to 3 times a week and recently began meeting for 90 minutes.

“The cast and crew work incredibly well together. It feels like a family,” she said. “I’m so proud of their teamwork! They have great attitudes and an excellent work ethic.”

In regard to the uniqueness of this year’s production, Benstead mentioned that this is one of the largest casts that she has ever worked with as well as the music is from popular movies that “everyone knows and loves.

Some of these include “Try Anything” from “Zootopia,” “Spirit of the Season” from “Polar Express,” “If I Didn’t Have You” from “Monsters Inc.,” Theme from “Spider-Man”, “We Know the Way” from “Moana” and “Better When I’m Dancing” from “The Peanuts Movie.”

“The highlight has been working with all of these students and seeing how far they have come,” Benstead said. “They have worked so hard and learned the music so well; sometimes, I get a little teary-eyed with pride!”

She also mentioned her “phenomenal team” which includes Mrs. Shawnda Swanson, co-director and costume chairperson; Mrs. Arianne Johnson, choreographer; and Mr. Brian Thompson, supervision and advisor.

“One of the challenges has been coming up with the vision to take this show from good to fantastic,” Benstead said. She also included the importance of coordination with her team in regard to costuming and choreography.

“It’s also time-consuming to keep on top of notices home and staying in touch with the bus garage,” Benstead added. “The transportation department has been such a huge help to us!”

In addition to that, the instructors are thankful to the parents and their willingness to pick up the students now that they are onto longer rehearsals.

Everyone should come and see the show because it’s fun, “the music is beautiful and these kids are amazing!” Benstead said. “They are multi-talented and this is a show we are very proud of and we would love to share it with as many people as possible!”

She said being in the musical is a good program for the kids to be involved with because it teaches them critical skills like teamwork and responsibility.

“This is so important, especially to students who are struggling at home or in school — to be successful at something like the musical can really bring a lift to their days,” she said. “Plus it’s just a lot of fun for everyone, not just the kids — us adults are having a blast!”

The directors would like to thank the Board of Education for supporting arts education within the schools, the SES PTA for financial assistance, Mrs. Rebecca Szpaicher for help with scenery and backdrop and the parents for the support of the musical.

“It has been the best year ever!” Benstead said.

The cast and crew are:
Soloists: Daphne Merwin, Marley Lillis, Elizabeth Smith, Leah Franklin, Hannah Fanton, Kiersten Crone, Taliana Drake, Taylor Wells, Evan Kibler, Brayden Pope, Isabella Bogner;

Speakers: Abigail Hughes, Matthew Arrington, Finley Raiber, Erin Baker, Allegra Johnson, Teerada Dickson, Kaia Dearmyer, Abigail Adkison, Katelin Maul, Nevaeh Watson, Emily Schwanekamp, Madalynn Ploetz, Hunter Swanson, Deseray Hines, James Mills, Ava Uhteg, Lauren Winfield, Olivia Porterfield, Amber Swaney, Dodge Benz, Gladys Hebdon, Olivia Burdick, Natalie Rumfola, Allison Zemrose, Tristen Rehrauer, Alysha Evans;

Cameo Walk-on Appearances:  Elle Hamann, Katelyn Smith, Lillian Enser;

Dancers: Alexis Beckwith, Allyson Beers, Daniella Oakley, Ben Watson, Nevaeh Bailey, Elizabeth Gills, Olivia Mesch, Isabella Morrison, Anthony Morrison, Makayla Beuler, Alex Marinaccio, Brooke Ruzycki, Hunter Warnes, Brendan Safford, Miley Gominiak, Jackie Thompson, Forrest Prouty;

Stage Crew: Kevan Ridder, Jack Delaney, Travis Hogan, Elias French (apprentice); and

Sound System: Alana Evans.