By Sherri Papich

Entering a new grade, whether it be 5th grade or college, is an adjustment. There will be changes that you can foresee and unforeseen challenges that will pop up.
Creating some structure can help alleviate some of the stress.

Choose a calendar that works for all involved
You are one person on one timeline! Having unnecessary multiple calendars can create more work for yourself and confusion causing delays and missed opportunities.
When my children were younger, I used a four-person calendar. That way, I could see what everyone was doing on that day. Giving me the ability to coordinate appointments and school-based functions.
In this day and age, there are so many calendar options to choose from. Having a conversation with the responsible parties in the home is the first place to start. Who has what time available and what needs to be outsourced is the topic of your meeting.
Then decide if sharing an electronic calendar or hanging a paper calendar is the best option. Electronic calendars can give you the option of setting reminders. If you decide on a paper calendar, taking a picture of it can give you the ability to take it with you. I do not advise you to have multitudes of calendars for different roles in your life. If possible, use one calendar. You are one person on one timeline.

Create a “Control Center”
Add a board for communications. Write-on, wipe off, magnetic, etc. Think about the types of communication you want to share and buy something that will work for your family.
Hang a calendar if you do not use electronic or if you want to display some dates in paper form. This is a great area for meal planning and chore lists!
Meal planning is a wonderful way to make sure everyone is fed and full of the vitamins and minerals they need to be successful at school and at work. Chore lists that designate when and who does what will cut down on the procrastination in achieving these maintenance goals.

Remove the clutter
If your home is overflowing with items that get in the way of maintaining and cleaning your home, it may be time to cull the collection. Clutter Blindness is a real thing. Have you ever looked for an item that is in your eye line but just couldn’t find it because your brain was too distracted by the multitudes of items in the room?
Young children seem to do best when they have a designated spot for their backpacks and a designated time to do homework. Create an area for each child where they can dump their backpacks, coats, shoes and other necessities for their school day.

Set goals
If decluttering or setting up a system in your home is on your goal list, break down the project into manageable tasks and ask for help when needed. Professional organizers that provide residential services have most likely set up many, many back-to-school and command centers in the homes of their overwhelmed clients.
Contact us if you need help! We have 15 year’s experience in helping clients just like you!

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