By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

Earlier this month, SGI physical education teacher Gerry Czemerynski presented to a group of sophomores about his recent trip to China, further explained in the last edition of the Springville Times. Now, we will hear what some of the students thought of the presentation.
A few of the students were struck by the strictly regimented aspects of the society, which result from its communist government.
Blaze Schelble said, “I thought it was super interesting to hear how different life is in a communist country like China. He definitely helped me picture the culture and life there.”
Blaze said it was interesting to hear that in China they had constant surveillance over citizens and they also had so many military officers everywhere you went.
“It was crazy to hear you could get deported by the army for going against the government,” he added.
Sara Ehlers noted, “I thought it was interesting to hear how different China is from someone who actually experienced it,” specifically mentioning the government and the censorship there.
Annemarie Harrigan added that, “It was interesting to hear about a place that we’ve been learning about all year and what it’s like there today and the experiences Mr. C had.”
Ben Sullivan  noticed a lot of the details Mr. C mentioned that surrounded communism.
“They have good infrastructure because they can put the money towards things like that since they are a communist country,” he said. “He talked about the censorship that they had since China is a communist country.”
Julie Bartoszek said she was very interested in the presentation, saying what captured her was Mr. C’s perspective on the communist government, such as seeing soldiers with machine guns in the public setting.”
“That man can talk I mean the whole speech was captivating and really made me rethink about traveling abroad,” she said. “It was interesting to see his point of view as a fellow foreigner walking into China. From the different styles of architecture to the different cuisines it really showed how unique China is.”
Sam Gottstine mentioned that, “It was quite interesting hearing his overview of his visit because he told us a lot about the little, unique cultural things that you don’t normally hear about,” such as how restaurants work, what malls are like and what the atmosphere is like there.
“It was really cool how he brought in little treats for us,” he added.
Some students commented on the fact that people are brought hot water to wash their dishes and utensils before eating even though they are brought to you clean.
“I thought it was really interesting to learn about Chinese and the cultural aspects like the cleaning your own dishes and how they are so much more healthier compared to us,” Marin Lehr said.
Daniel Gernatt said this was something that really stood out to him. “I thought it was interesting to hear about China and their customs,” he added.
“It’s neat to hear about a foreign country from someone who has been there because it shows you what they see,” said Keaton Wnuk also said, “Sure you could get that information from a news article or something else, but hearing the story or being shown it makes it feel more special.”
“I thought the presentation was very cool because it gave you an idea of what life is like in another country,” said Nathan Cudney. “One of the most interesting parts was when he told us about the Forbidden City and how big it actually was.”
Overall, Mr. C’s presentation really influenced the thoughts of those present and for some, changed their views on China and traveling abroad in the future.