By Ely Schosek, SGI Student Reporter

Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big change. Incoming freshmen have many things to be excited about, but it’s also pretty likely that they’ll have something that they’re nervous about. Once you start high school, you realize that there’s really nothing to be nervous about, and a few of this year’s incoming seniors have given some great advice for the incoming freshmen.

“I’m really excited for the dances and pep rallies and overall just having more freedom than I would in middle school!” Lexi Moriarty stated when asked what she was most excited for in high school. As far as concerns, she noted with a laugh that, “I’m nervous for all of the new teachers and classes that I have and the fact that I might be seen as the stereotypical cringe-y freshman.”

“Making new friends from different grade levels and joining all the different clubs high school offers,” McKenzie Steff said. She added that her biggest worry is “Not making it to class on time because of having some classes on the third floor then having some classes on the first floor.”

Ella Wierzba said she’s most excited for making great new friends and gaining more opportunities. “I’m also looking forward to having a wider variety of classes to take,” Ella stated. “I’m most worried about finding my way around the school looking for my classes but other than that I am not nervous about anything.”

“I am most excited to meet new people; try new things such as new clubs, sports and the electives the high school has to offer,”  Max Milbrand said. “I am nervous that I will get lost in the school, not get along with the teachers, and most definitely, Regents exams”, Milbrand explained.

Mary DiGangi, an incoming senior, gave excellent advice for the incoming freshmen: “Join lots of clubs and get involved,” she said. “Focus on your school work even if it isn’t what you want to be doing at that time because if you get good grades it will pay off when you are trying to apply for colleges. Don’t worry about being friends with everyone, find your friend group and stick to that because you’re going to soon find out who your real friends are. Make the best of it because it goes by faster than you think!”

“I would tell them to try and join a sports team if they are not already on one and continue to do homework each night,” said incoming senior Michael Spagnola. “Avoid having study halls and add more extra classes to your schedule if possible. Be kind and helpful to any classmates that are in need of help.”

“I would tell the incoming freshman to not feel nervous about their first day. Everyone in the high school was a freshman at one point so don’t be afraid to ask us if you’re looking for a classroom or just have simple questions about the school. Along with the fact that we were all in your spot a few years ago, don’t think that we are some huge higher power. We were you not long ago and we all know what it’s like to be transitioning into high school,” Allie Emmick said.

“Don’t act like you’re something you’re not just because you’re in high school now. If you’re weird, stay weird; if you’re into something, stay into that. Embrace who you are and embrace what you like”, Topher Elkins said.

Everyone was a freshman at one point and it’s probable that they had a few things they were excited about and a few things they were nervous. Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big change but it doesn’t take long to adjust and these four soon-to-be seniors have given outstanding advice!