By Carlee Frank

A freezing water droplet high in the atmosphere sticks to a dust or pollen particle and becomes an ice crystal. As it falls to earth, water vapor freezes onto the crystal to form branches of new crystals — then it lands on the eyelashes and tongues of generations of children trying to catch snowflakes. While there is a science behind the unique pattern of every snowflake, snow seems to have magic too. There are hundreds of songs about it, millions of people await the first snowfall every year and children around the world simply want to play in it.

None know this better than Colden native Hunter Berry, owner and creator of Snow Child –a winter sport and recreation-themed clothing line.

“Since I was little, every year I wait for the snow to fall. I pile it up, put a rail out there and go ride it in the front yard. I think I was able to ski before I could walk,” Berry said laughing.

In 2009, Snow Child was just a doodled thought in the agenda book of a Springville Griffith Institute sophomore. However, through the years, the project gained speed.

A few years ago, Berry drew up the Snow Child logo and his graphic designer, Ryan Koch, brought it to life. Berry said he had spent well over a month trying to create a logo that would accurately represent the brand. Snow Child isn’t just for skiers and snowboarders, but for snowmobilers, hikers and anyone who loves the cold winter months.

“I love being in the outdoors. It’s one of those things that brings you back to being a kid –young and carefree,” Berry said. “That’s my brand, for people to feel like a kid again. Forget about real life, you’re just out there enjoying it and having a good time.”

The company officially launched in September 2017, and since then, Berry noted that he has made over 100 sales. Berry’s product supplier is James Mahoney of Promotional Management Services in Buffalo. He mentioned that Mahoney is very helpful and allowed him to try on multiple styles of clothing in multiple colors in order to find his desired product.

Currently in stock are hoodies, t-shirts, hats, snapbacks and stickers. He plans on designing more merchandise in the future, but wants to take his new company one step at a time.

His mother, Lisa Berry, who owns Salon Modele in West Seneca, helped him through the process of obtaining a sales tax I.D. and D.B.A. She sells Snow Child products at her salon, and the clothing line is also sold at the Colden Ski and Board Shop in Glenwood. Berry now wants to bring his products to Ellicottville and Kissing Bridge.

“Eventually I want to be like Burton or Oakley –I know it doesn’t happen overnight but that’s the dream,” Berry said.

Right now, he uses Facebook and Instagram for promotion and ordering, but by the first of the year he hopes to have a website up and running. On the website, customers will be able to order products and have them shipped, but website hunting is an arduous process.

“I’m trying to figure out what the best option is for a website, but I don’t want to just jump into it, I want to take it doses at a time,” Berry said.

This first year of operation, Berry mentioned, is a soft launch for the company, but he can’t wait for it to grow.

Product is already flying, so if you want a cozy hoodie or any Snow Child merchandise, direct message @SnowChild11 on Instagram or inbox “Snow Child” on Facebook. He’ll respond to any requests ASAP!