By Alicia Dziak

If you live in Springville, chances are you know Kim Carrow. If you don’t know her from seeing her around at various community events, you probably know her as the woman who owns three—yes, three!—local businesses at 65 East Main Street in Springville.

After growing up in Colden, attending Colden Elementary and graduating from SGI in 1986, Carrow said she moved away after high school but returned when it came time to settle down and start a family. “I think wherever you grew up is where you feel the most comfortable and what feels like home,” Carrow said of her decision to come back to Springville.

After being a stay-at-home mom for several years when her two children were younger, Carrow decided to open My Best Friend’s Closet around the time when her youngest headed to school, coming up on almost a decade.

“While I was a stay-at-home mom, I was always selling things on eBay for extra money,” Carrow explained. “A friend of mine had owned a consignment store in Springville and left, so I thought there was a need for one.”

My Best Friend’s Closet can be described as a consignment store that specializes in women’s and junior girls’ clothing, as well as accessories. Along the way, Carrow has offered other things like furntiure and children’s clothing, but found that the current selection best meets the needs of her customers.

Originally renting in the space down the street which is now Lulu Belle’s, Carrow then purchased the building at 65 East Main, using the first floor for her store and the second for her residence.

My Best Friend’s Closet is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 am. to 3 p.m. For more info and to find out how to consign, visit

A natural extension to My Best Friend’s Closet came with Main Street Dry Cleaners, which Carrow began operating in the summer of 2015. The owner of another local dry cleaners no longer wanted to operate that portion of his business and approached Carrow about it, as it seemed like a good fit with her store. Carrow thought it was a great opportunity to help Springville residents who needed this service; without it, people would have to drive to other towns to have their dry cleaning done.

“We use Benzingers in Hamburg,” said Carrow of the service. “We’re really just a pickup and dropoff point.”

The third endeavor also came in 2015 when Carrow and her business partner, Jenny Knoll, decided to start Create, a business that offers popular paint nights. “Jen is the artist and I do the books and help at the paint nights,” said Carrow.

She explained that, “We offer open paint nights and private parties.” Paintings can be done in the beautiful new studio space right inside My Best Friend’s Closet, or on location at the host’s choosing.

“We’ve been to campgrounds, bowling alleys…we do birthday parties and bachelorette parties,” Carrow said of the various types of groups they host for their paint nights.

While there may be other businesses that offer paint nights, Carrow says one differentiator of Create is their kid-friendly options. “We allow chidlren ages 10-15 at our paint nights,” she said.

Creative freedom is another advantage to working with Create. “We try to accommodate everyone. If people want to change the colors (of the painting) to match their decor, that’s fine. Also, for private parties, you can find any painting you like and we can recreate it.” This means guests don’t have to stick with certain paintings and there are no limits to what people can create at Create!

Future plans for Create include possible craft nights, speakers and other plans to expand.

For more info, connect with them on Facebook at Create in Springville NY or email

“I love Springville,” Carrow said of her decision to own three businesses in this community. “We have everything you need right here—all the restaurants, the big box stores, the small brick and mortar stores…I like being close to school for my kids, I love that you can see people you know everywhere you go, everyone is friendly and I just like that small town feel.”

Next time you or that woman, teen or tween girl in your life needs a new pair of shorts, shoes or earrings, next time you need to get that dressy attire cleaned, or next time you need to unleash that creativity, be sure to first stop in to see Carrow at 65 East Main Street.  She’s sure to welcome you with a smile and friendly conversation that makes you know she’s from Springville!