Dear Editor,

The Springville Athletic Scholarship Committee held their inaugural Pub Crawl on June 22, and it was a huge success. As a committee, we would be remiss to say such a thing without first thanking everyone who helped make it so.
The committee would initially like to say thank you to the Concord Historical Center, which served as the starting point. They opened their doors, which included the brand new exhibit on none other than Pop Warner and gave us a nice place to send all of our participants off. That leads us to our second thank you, which goes to Joyce Smith and Mary Beth Bolt who headed up our registration table. Not only were they willing to take on that task gratuitously but they did it with both class and an ever-present smile.
We had nine local businesses who offered our participants specialty drinks at a discounted price and some even provided hors d’oeuvres. Our participants included MooCheesy Food Truck, 49 Coffee House, Julie’s Restaurant, The Legacy, Lawrence’s, Springville Lanes, The Office, Steelbound Brewery and JD’s Brew Pub.
It was heartwarming to see the Springville streets filled with people and laughter as our participants went from one stop to the next. Some of the participants commented on how nice it was to remember what each business was like when they went to Springville-Griffith Institute, and many alumni came back to participate in this event. Cheap Chollies graciously donated many of the items for our Barrel of Booze raffle, and we would also like to extend a special thank you to Lawrence’s who surprised us with an extra donation a week later.
A great time was had by all! We look forward to expanding this event and hosting annually in support of the work that our foundation does, recognizing local athletes for their legacy commitment to the betterment of the Springville-Griffith Institute Athletics Department.


The Springville Athletic Scholarship Committee
Executive Committee