By Jolene Hawkins

This photograph is from the Springville area, circa 1875. Notice the white picket fences to keep the free range animals from entering the yards . Fiddlers green Park

Where the GAR Soldiers monument now stands, as well as the band stand, was also fenced in with turnstiles on all four corners. They actually had cattle drives that went through town on the way to auction.

The center church is the wooden Baptist church on the corner of Church and North Buffalo Streets. The one to the right is the brick Free Baptist Church; to the left of center is the brick Methodist Church, then the brick Presbyterian Church.

Did you know that each of the churches had bells, and combined they weighed about 5,000 pounds!   The Free Baptist Church bell weighed in at 1,140 pounds; the Methodist bell weighed 1,060 pounds; the Presbyterian bell weighed 1,058 and the Baptist bell was a light weight of only 680 pounds.  I wonder if each bell had its own tone, or a tune that it would play…. For how else would they know which church bell was ringing? And why would the bell ring? As an alarm to call folks into town, for a celebration or for a wedding, a funeral, or to let people know that the services were getting ready to start at the church.  They were also used to announce or sound the time of the day. Oh, how I enjoy the sounds of the church bells ringing!