By Alicia Dziak

The weather outside isn’t stopping the JV girls’ softball team from getting their season started. The team is co-coached by Sara Rowe and Maggi Preston, both school nurses in the district at the high school and CES, respectively.

The team is comprised of 14 girls:  eight 10th graders, five 9th graders and one 7th grader, with seven of them veterans to the JV level.

“We will have a very strong offensive and defensive team,” said Preston.

She noted the team’s speed will be an advantage.  “Our team goals for the season is to be aggressive offensively,” Preston said. “We work on all the fundamentals, situational plays, bunting, hitting, pitching, and catching. We utilize the batting cage as much as possible.”

The JV girls are scheduled to play their first game after the break on Monday, April 9. Visit for the complete sports schedule.