TACOCAT, a new taco/burrito shop, has opened in the Canam convenience store at the Gulf station at 72 South Cascade in Springville next to Cheap Chollie’s liquor store.

TACOCAT offers made-to-order tacos, burritos and nacho plates using fresh raw materials. Everything is made from scratch and in small batches to maintain optimal freshness.

Although everything is prepared from scratch, Tacocat it is still fast food because it is quickly prepared and packaged for customers on the run.

“Because I insist on absolute freshness, we cook only small batches of the meats at a time and cut up only a few onions or tomatoes at a time,” said Mark Maussner, TACOCAT owner. “I don’t want anything sitting around long.”

Maussner, creator of the TACOCAT brand, is in the process of rolling out to several other regional locations and nationwide via licensing agreement.

The beef, chicken and beans are all seasoned in accordance with recipes Maussner has developed over the years. He said he has been a fan of this type of food for as long as he can remember.

Maussner said he started TACOCAT because he loves the food and wants to do it justice. TACOCAT is also proud to offer options for taco fans who enjoy spicy food. Currently, TACOCAT has an Asian hot chili garlic sauce as well as a sweet Ghost pepper and an Orange Habanero sauce to kick things up several notches for those who desire it.

After only a couple weeks, Maussner said all hopes and expectations have been exceeded. In the first week, the shop served 471 orders. There are already quite a few repeat customers and the reviews online have been very favorable, he said.

Maussner said TACOCAT is very grateful to the community for its outpouring of support and promises to deliver the highest quality burritos with unwavering standards.

TACOCAT offers call ahead ordering, which is recommended for larger orders, at 794-3235 and has a facebook page at TACO CAT.

TACOCAT also offers delivery service within a 10-mile distance for $3 in Springville and $5 for out of the village limits.