By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter

The Springville Board of Education began their monthly meeting with a performance of the National Anthem by a group of students from the High School Music Department.
Following this, a few of the students with lead roles in the upcoming high school musical, “Mamma Mia!” performed a song from the musical, “Thank You For the Music.” Julie Noeson, the show’s director, noted that this song is one “which they all kind of sing, but we’re not giving too much away.” The musical will take place the weekend of March 8.
The next presentation related to both the art department and the transportation department. Recently a competition took place that was sponsored by Leonard Bus Sales, a company which supplies buses to many schools across the state, including SGI.
Mike Leonard, CEO of Leonard Bus Sales, commissioned his friend Richard Price, who lived in the Binghamton area and was an artist by trade, to paint a watercolor poster which he could hang in his office and replicate to give to his employees at Christmas time. Leonard wanted two things: the painting done in November and a bus depicted somehow.
In regard to the competition, invitations were sent to all juniors and seniors in the districts the company sells buses to. They received over 40 participants competing for the $1,000 scholarship. The runner-ups were to receive their artwork back professionally framed.
Troy Ellis, a junior at SGI who entered into the competition, placed in the top 4 with his piece entitled “Troy’s Bus Route.” A copy of the original is set to be placed in the district’s transportation office

“The picture is absolutely beautiful, we are so proud of it,” said a board member. Mr Bialasik, high school principal, added, “This is very indicative of his style, it always has this type of geometric design”.
Later in this meeting, the board received an administrative report from Springville Elementary School principal Chris Scarpine.
Scarpine discussed the recent musical performed by the 4th and 5th grade students at SES.

“I can say without question that it was one of the much fun,” he mentioned. “The kids put a lot of effort into it and it turned out really nice.”
Another current event at SES is the coin toss fundraiser being held by the Student Council. It is “very patriotic this year.”

The fundraiser is benefiting WNY heroes through Pawsitive for Heroes. This program helps to get support dogs for veterans that are in need of them.
“We have the organization come and show the kids what the coin tossing is for besides throwing things in school and being allowed to do so,” said Scarpine.

After the fundraiser ends, they will tally up the money and the students will have the opportunity to meet a service dog and a veteran that has benefited from the program.
Other topics of discussion included: the athletic and interscholastic budget, a common start time for all schools and the beginning of the Bald for Bucks initiative.

If you would like to hear the full discussion of these topics, the audio recording of the meeting can be found on the district’s website.

The Board of Education will be meeting again on March 12.