(From left) Kevin and Lindsay Buncy and Greg Beatty are the operators of 49 Coffee House and Eatery, which is expected to open this winter at 49 East Main St. in Springville next door to Molly’s Creative Cuts Salon.

By Rich Place

Coffee lovers, rejoice: the village is about to get a new place on Main Street to enjoy not only enjoy a cup of coffee, but also grab a bite to eat while socializing with neighbors.

Located at 49 East Main St. next to Molly’s Creative Cuts Salon, 49 Coffee House & Eatery is expected to open sometime this winter with a fresh new take on the standard cup of joe.

Sure, the location will allow patrons to order a traditional cup of coffee, but it will also bring more upscale brewing methods like pour overs, siphon brewing, French press, cold brews and specialty iced coffees.

“The hard part is going to be us not drinking 30 cups of coffee per day,” joked Kevin Buncy, who operates the business with his wife, Lindsay, and cousin, Greg Beatty.

Kevin and Beatty purchased the building last December and have since worked to renovate the location. The space occupied now by 49 Coffee House & Eatery was once home to the Pennysaver and, most recently, an art gallery.

The coffee shop features a very modern atmosphere, with seating that includes both standard tables as well as oversized chairs nestled by a fireplace. The exposed ceiling and woodwork give it that traditional coffee shop look and feel.

“With the environment we are creating here, it’s not like your small, ‘mom and pop’ place,” Kevin said. “It kind or reminds you of Buffalo or Ellicottville or something a little more modern. I’m hoping people appreciate that.”

Kevin said the idea to open the shop has been an idea years in the making. Once he and Beatty purchased the building and had the space to do it, that idea became a reality.

“We just want to fill spaces downtown and kind of saw a demand for it,” Kevin said. “We love coffee. That’s how we get by.”

The trio are now playing a bit of a waiting game, hoping to open no later than early March, but are reliant completely on approval from the health department. Once that process is complete, kitchen equipment will need to be ordered and set up and the coffee shop will begin accepting customers.

In the meantime, the business is looking to hire part-time staff. It recently advertised for open positions via its Facebook page, which will likely continue to be a primary means of communicating updates with the general public, Kevin said.

And as time continues to tick until their opening, the trio have been busy perfecting their coffee making skills and the coffee house’s menu.

“We are trying to do a kind of mixture of comfort food and healthy eating,” said Lindsay. The menu is expected to include speciality sandwiches, homemade soups and salads and local baked goods from a variety of local bakers. They’ll also have gluten-free options.

Offering a bit of a peek behind the curtain, Lindsay said they’ll be using waffles as one of the breads for paninis.

“Our favorite sandwich so far is a Buffalo chicken waffle panini,” Kevin added. “I really think that’s going to be one of the go-tos here; it’s just really unique. When you taste it, the sweetness and the spiciness…”

“It’s amazing,” Beatty interrupted.

“It is ridiculous,” Kevin added.

The trio said they are hoping their clientele at the coffee house will include anyone from stay-at-home mothers looking for a place to socialize, to high school students who want a unique atmosphere to do homework. After all, the location will feature free WiFi and plenty of USB plugs. There’s also a plan to work with Molly’s next door to offer exclusive deals for shared customers, Kevin said.

With the storefronts now occupied, work on the building continues with the renovation of upstairs apartments. Kevin said owning the building is an advantage compared to others who have attempted to open coffee shops in the area.

“I think us owning the building kind of puts us in a better position because we don’t have to come up with that rent check,” Kevin said. “We are building three upscale apartments on top of this as well. That’s going to help us out a lot. We’re thinking big picture.”

49 Coffee House & Eatery, named after its street address, is expected to be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Mondays, when it will be closed. (Those hours will be subject to change.) For additional information, including official hours, job vacancies and updates on the opening, visit facebook.com/fortyninecoffee.