By Caitlin Croft

The junior alpine race season kicked off on Christmas Eve with the Ely Leene Christmas Slaloms. This race has become tradition for many first-year U16 athletes as it is their first chance to get points and they are challenged by having to compete against U19/U21 and Seniors. In ski, racing the lower your points are the better of a skier you are. Think golf and handicaps— the lower your handicap, the better the golfer they are. This race, held at Brantling in Sodus, NY, consisted of two full races, four individual runs each with a different course set.

James Rauch of Buffalo Ski Club finished in 4th for U21/19 men. Brice Shively of Kissing Bridge finished 8th, followed by Gordon Minier (KB) in 12th and Daniel Edick (KB) 13th, Jack Schleyer (KB) 20th and Cole Murray (KB) 23rd. For the U16 men, from Buffalo Ski Club, Joshua Jusiak finished 17th with Aristotle Ninos (KB) 19th, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 24th, Parker Murray (KB) 26th, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 27th.

On the ladies’ side, U16 Madisyn Delozier of Buffalo Ski Club finished 6th with Abigail Fischer of Kissing Bridge taking 8th. Sydney Minier (KB) placed 11th, Grace Rauch (BSC) 14th, Olivia Shortt (KB) 21st and Piper Murray (KB) 26th.

The second race U16 Madisyn Delozier (BSC) finished 7th, Abigail Fischer (KB) 10th and Sydney Minier (KB) 11th. Olivia Shortt (KB) took 16th and Piper Murray (KB) 23rd. For the U21/19 women, Katie Schlemmer (KB) finished 4th, with teammate Page Hazen in 6th.

For the men, Brice Shively (KB) placed 8th, Gordon Minier (KB) 10th, Daniel Edick (BSC) 13th, Jack Schleyer (KB) 14th and Cole Murray (KB) 20th. U16 Alex Aubrecht (BSC) finished 11th, Joshua Jusiak (BSC) 15th, Aristotle Ninos (KB) 21st, Ethan Hallet (BSC) 22nd, Montgomery Nicholl (BSC) 24th and Parker Murray (KB) 34th.

The next race for the U16/21/19 athletes will be held at HoliMont on New Year’s Eve.