By Alicia Dziak

The SGI fall sports season is in full swing, and the JV girls’ volleyball team is enjoying an incredible run of wins.

The team, led by coach Bob Gainey, is a good mix of freshmen and sophomores.

“We have a number of excellent players on the team,” noted Gainey. “Sara Ehlers has been a tremendous outside hitter for us.  She passes extremely well from the back row and is aggressive at the net, probably one of our best servers on the team.  Elyssa Hunter has been a consistent setter for us all season, her communication and court awareness are incredible.  Meg Rehrauer has had a solid season those far.  She is a middle hitter for us and is versatile enough to make an impact from both the front and back rows.” Gainey named other solid contributors as Ivette Lewandowski, Rachel Stressinger, Marie Emerling, and Marin Lehr.

As of press time, the team is undefeated, boasting a record of 8-0. On Friday, they face off against Lake Shore.

“Our toughest competition so far has been Lake Shore.  They are very strong from the service line and play well together as a unit.  They do a lot of things well which made us raise our level of play during our first meeting,” explained Gainey.

There’s a lot to be said about such a winning season so far, and Gainey attributes it to the many strengths of the team. He said that the ones that stand out are: “Passing ability out of serve/receive: This is one of the toughest parts of any game, trying to get the opposing team off the service line.  All of our players have the  ability of being strong back row passers.  That has enabled us to have such a strong start to our season.

“Chemistry.  Our team unity is a strength that can sometimes get overlooked.  The girls look out for one another on and off the court.  Having a team that plays well and also enjoys being around one another really elevates the experience for each team member.

“Serving.  This team, across the board, is one of the most consistent serving teams I’ve coached in quite some time.  We talk a lot about making teams earn points against us, and that starts at the service line.  We probably average between 10-15 aces per match while limiting our service errors to around 3-5.”

As the girls head into the second half of their season, they look to continue their winning ways. “Our goal for the remainder of the season is pretty simple: Challenge ourselves every day in practice and matches to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be,” Gainey said. “Inevitably, no matter what the scoreboard says, we will improve if we focus on self-improvement.  This team has really taken on the challenge of being better than yesterday; it’s been an exceptional group to coach thus far.”

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