Following an inspiring talk on electric vehicles in February, the second speaker in Green Springville’s Green Speaker Series on March 12 will explore the sustainable aspects of hemp.
A common misconception is that growing hemp is like growing marijuana. Hemp is actually an industrial material, with uses ranging from clothing to bioplastics to food.

In 2017, New York state opened its pilot program for hemp growing to farmers, businesses and universities. Having been banned for decades, this program opens up an important new agricultural opportunity for New York’s small farmers.
Collins residents Paula and Chris Jeanniton from Farm in Peace will describe their journey through the new program and answer questions that surround this topic.
“My passion has been for innovative, emerging technologies that save people energy and money,” said Green Springville President Reed Braman. “But we also wanted to highlight the importance of local agriculture when it comes to sustainability.”

Paula Jeanniton, owner of Farm in Peace, added, “Hemp is really a wonder crop with a wide range of uses and, unfortunately, is often confused with marijuana, which it is not.”
Join Green Springville for the Hemp 101 talk on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the UNOVA Coworking space, 29 Mechanic St., Springville.

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