By Alicia Dziak

East Concord resident Connor Judkiewicz recently graduated from Hamburg’s St. Francis as their 2018 valedictorian. Of their 142 students, Judkiewicz not only received top honors academically, but was also named their Artist of the Year for his French horn and piano career.

Judkiewicz, who attended SGI until 8th grade, is clearly a well-rounded student, succeeding in subjects across the board.

“I feel my biggest accomplishment in high school was performing in Europe as a member of the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra,” he said. “We had to audition for selection into this group, about 60 members traveled to Europe) from all over Western New York, and our culminating trip was to Austria and the Czech Republic over spring break this year. We performed in Vienna, Prague, and Salzburg. It was an unforgettable experience, and I am grateful to have been given that opportunity.”

Come fall, Judkiewicz will attend the University of Alabama to pursue a math major, where he plans to audition for the university horn studio. He is also enrolled in the Honors College and an accelerated MBA program.

While many recent high school grads look forward to the newfound freedom coming up, Judkiewicz looks forward to different kind of freedom. “I actually most look forward to not having a school uniform,” he said. “It was nice to not have to worry about clothing choices for awhile, but I would prefer to not wear khakis five days a week.”

Best of luck to Connor as he continues to chase his dreams!