Photo submitted
Art’s Cafe Construction Crew working toward a certificate of occupancy in December, 2019.

The Art’s Cafe project recently cleared a major hurdle with the completion of major construction.
To celebrate and share, the team coordinating the redevelopment will host a Happy Hour meeting open to both owners and the public on Saturday, Feb. 29 at 4 p.m.
Art’s Cafe was initiated by Springville Center for the Arts in 2012. The building interior had collapsed, threatening neighboring buildings and passersby.
SCA set out to transform the rubble into a dynamic public space that served as an extension of the programming at the arts center with a workshop and small stage centered around a bakery-cafe environment.
Work was completed when funding was available and financing for this last phase was secured with the use of Historic Tax Credits.
“There’s still a lot of work to do, but this is a big milestone,” said SCA Executive Director Seth Wochensky. “We got our certificate of occupancy. We’re no longer focused on rebuilding a building. We’ve hit all of our safety requirements. We’re now working on trimming and outfitting the spaces so we can open.”
With the goal of bringing additional investment to Main Street and increasing access to art programs and local foods, the business is structured similar to a co-op with many individual owners.
Priority is placed on making the project a success over the long term. More than 100 owners have invested.
The Happy Hour meeting is open to the public and takes place inside the building located at 5 E. Main St., Springville. Refreshments made by Art’s Cafe worker-owners will be served.