By Derek M. Otto

The annual village wide garage sale is coming next week.  In order to keep things safe and pleasant, here are few tips:

For those holding the sales, a variety of sources have agreed that keeping doors closed and locked the night before helps ensure that no early birds visit the sale.  Some people are aggressive and want to have first dibs on items.

It is also good to keep the interior of your home locked if you are having the sale outside.  It would be a good idea to ask friends and relatives to help out on the day of the sale.  Sales can get hectic and you may need the extra help.

Have plenty of change on hand, including singles and coinage, especially if you are selling items for under a dollar. Most people expect you to have change for a twenty or a one dollar item.

Be prepared—if you end up with a lot of money on hand, make sure you deposit it someplace safe.  Don’t use a cash box— you may get distracted and the box could walk. If you do use a cash box, assign a friend or relative to be in charge of it.

During summer sales, it can get hot quickly.  Your garage or lawn sale can leave you exhausted.  Staying hydrated is a good way to stay cool and not feel wiped out by the sale.

To keep things safe, it is suggested that everything go on tables so that people do not trip on boxes. Keep knives and sharp objects out of the reach of children.  And your children and your pets should not be at the sale. In one scenario, your child distracts you and misbehaves and in the worst case, your child or pet could be snatched if you become distracted. One of the best tips is unless you already know the person, do not let them in your house to use the bathroom.  Point them to the nearest public restroom.

For those attending sales, remember to drive slowly and be respectful of the neighborhood you are in.  Traffic laws do apply on garage sale days. With the recent accident in Freedom, NY, with a family being hit by a truck, keep your eyes open for people and parked cars.

Keep your pets at home.  I know you like to take your dog everywhere, but it is not a good idea to a strangers house that may have children or other pets.

Bring many denominations of money.  Do not expect that the person having the sale will have. Fives and ones are the best to carry to garage sales.  Remember these are private homes, not Wal-Mart; using proper manners makes the day go smoother.  Early birds are not well liked by most people. If the sale starts at 8 a.m., come after 8 a.m.

The area sales that made the Springville Times deadline:

Aug. 2 only

38 Childs Street

Trading Post Rummage Sale

Aug. 2-4

206 N. Vaughn Street

301 E. Main Street

Community Village Apartments, 30 Colonial Drive

and 50 Colonial Drive

Aug. 2-5

61 Elm Street