By Alicia Dziak

If you’ve been to one of the boys’ Varsity soccer team’s home games, you’ve surely seen the new banners hanging on the shelters. The banners were designed by Leesa Shelley, whose son, Michael Spagnola, is one of the team’s seniors.

“Although every player on this team is special, this group of seniors is very special to me,” Leesa explained. “Six of the 10 boys, including my son, are Colden kiddos that I have known since kindergarten.  Several of the boys started playing Colden Recreation soccer together when they were three years old.  Their coach, Mr. Szczerbacki, was their PE teacher from grades K-5.”

Leesa said that with Michael being her oldest son and the fact that he and his long-time teammates are graduating this year made her want to do something special for them. She took photos of the seniors, created the design and had them printed on heavy duty vinyl, which she feels is something they can hang in their bedrooms or dorm rooms once the season is over. “I am going to miss this soccer team and these boys,” she said.