The WNY STEM Hub recognized Springville Griffith Institute Central School District as an Emerging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) School District for demonstrating a commitment to beginning a STEM education process.

This is the third year the WNY STEM Hub designated Emerging STEM School Districts: 44 districts in five counties were previously honored since 2014. Siemens Industry, Inc., a global powerhouse in electronics and engineering, sponsors these K-12 awards annually. Eight other districts were thusly honored this year.

“Our honorees embrace the importance of STEM education for students of all ages and grade levels,” says Michelle Kavanaugh, Ed.D., president of the WNY STEM Hub. “By creating a culture of STEM learning, including arts education, schools, governance bodies, and corporate partners are establishing an education pipeline for our next generation workforce. Our region’s future depends on STEM trained and innovation-talented employees with technical skills and creative problem solving abilities in a variety of career paths.”

The WNY STEM Hub is a volunteer-driven incorporated organization with more than 600 individual members representing more than 250 organizations in Western New York.  It is affiliated with the national STEMx network and the Empire State STEM Learning Network. Its aim is to create awareness and partnerships that serve learners of all ages in accessing STEM/STEAM learning and careers.  Further information can be found at: