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Students at Springville-Griffith Institute dress up for Gold and Purple Day as part of Homecoming and Spirit Week.


By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

Homecoming week is always full of school spirit, it’s just a different atmosphere. Everyone is excited for the football game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday night. The hallways are all full of decorations which is a nice change from the usual plain look, and everyone is dressed up in accordance with Spirit Week.

Spirit Week went as follows: Monday – America/Camo Day; Tuesday – Decades Day (Toga Day for seniors); Wednesday – Jersey Day; Thursday – Class Color Day; Friday – Purple and Gold Day.

Class Color Day is usually arranged so that freshmen wear white, sophomores wear green, juniors wear blue and seniors wear pink. As a student, I can say that nearly every student participates in at least one day of Spirit Week, if not every day, and almost everyone looks forward to it.

Decorating the hallways is a big part of Homecoming week. Each class chooses a theme and decorates their hallway in accordance with that theme. This year all the classes chose a movie for their theme.

Freshmen were “Finding Nemo”; Sophomores had “Pirates of the Caribbean”; Juniors chose “Up”; and Seniors had “Avengers Endgame.”

The Friday before Homecoming week, all students were invited to stay after school to help decorate their respective hallways. When everyone arrived at school on Monday, they were surprised to see the interesting variety of decor.

The freshman hallway was identifiable as Finding Nemo, sectioned off to represent various scenes from the movie. There were colored fish in plastic bags, jellyfish and much more.

The sophomore hallway featured boats, skeletons and lots of blue streamers. The lights were covered up with black paper to dim the hallway and white Christmas lights were strung throughout.

The juniors filled their hallway with green to represent the jungle aspect of the movie “Up,” including streamers, balloons and green paper over the lights.

Seniors went all out for their last homecoming! Paper over the lights to dim the hallway, banners with messages themed from the Avengers and lots of colorful balloons!

Everyone is taking constant pictures to document the week for the future. Although Homecoming week is not an exception to learning and work, there are always a few teachers who take a few minutes out of class to take a class photo of everyone showing school spirit.

On Friday before the Pep Rally, the seniors were called out of last period early as part of a tradition. With everyone dressed in purple and gold, they spell out their graduation year so for this year’s class was “20” as in 2020.

Along with Friday being Purple and Gold Day, it also meant shortened classes and a pep rally at the end of the day. Emcees Peter Priester and Nick Sullivan kept all the students engaged with jokes and lots of enthusiastic energy. Mixed in during the pep rally were also little games that students could sign up for before the day of the rally.

Each class sits in a different section of the bleachers and every year and there’s a chant, GO SGI! Freshman start with “Go,” sophomores with “S,” juniors with “G” and last but certainly not least, seniors with “I.” The cheer always gets everyone going!

As with every year, there’s another chant started by the seniors that’s tradition: “Go home freshmen!” which is guaranteed to make everyone laugh, except maybe the freshmen, but it’s all in good fun.

Each sports team that competes during the fall season was also invited down to the floor. Seniors and captains on each team were named. Most teams just said something along the lines of “Griffs on 3, ready 1, 2, 3!” but there were some exceptions. Girls Varsity Cheerleading performed a short routine, the Girls

Varsity Swim team performed a short skit and the Boys Varsity Soccer team threw someone over a table.

Each class also creates a float from the same theme as their hallway. These floats are all included in the Homecoming Parade on Friday.

The Homecoming Parade also included floats from the cheerleaders and a few other sports teams. The Homecoming Court candidates all rode in the parade and the king and queen were chosen prior to the start of the football game later that night.

Homecoming means a lot of decorating which definitely gets the students in the spirit for the week! When everyone returns to school on Monday, it’s back to school as usual: no decorations and no more spirit week until the next time but everyone is sure to remember Homecoming 2019.