Photos by Leesa Shelley
Mark Vogel and James Bialasik (HS Principal)
Photos by Leesa Shelley
Matt Agle and Austyn Schiefer
Photos by Leesa Shelley
Billy Snyder and John Ettipio
Photos by Leesa Shelley
Devin Hitchcock and Jacob Peterson participate in Springville-Griffith High School’s annual winter cardboard boat races last week.

By Elyana Schosek

Each year at Springville-Griffith High School, the students in Jonathan Shelley’s Tech 1 class are presented with an interesting and unique assignment.
They are given the task of creating a boat out of only cardboard, zip ties, and duct tape The students are also given a limited amount of plastic to cover their boat to prevent it from getting wet.
After nearly three weeks of working in class and preparing for the competition itself, the students met at the high school pool at the start of third period on Thursday, Dec. 20 for the annual races.
Twelve teams were involved in this year’s competition, each consisting of two students. The boat must be within eight feet in length and four feet in width. In addition to constructing the boat itself, the competitors were also tasked with creating paddles out of a wooden handle and the previously mentioned materials.
While the competitors were busy preparing, many of the high school students and their teachers began to fill the bleachers. A schedule was posted for the competitors to make note of and take in their competitors.
Shelley announced each race while standing on his paddleboard, from which he judged each race and graded the students.
Next week, we’ll talk with some of the students who participated and see what makes the cardboard boat construction and race both a challenge and a good time.