By Kellen M. Quigley

In their last meeting of 2018, officials for the town of Concord are making sure the future is secure with a plan to guide the upcoming years.

After several months in the making, the town board at its Dec. 13 meeting accepted the Comprehensive Plan update, which provides an outline for the town’s goals and priorities in the coming years for future town leaders.

The newest version of the plan was worked on through the coordinated actions of a committee of residents, the town board, various town departments and staff in conjunction with Wendel Companies.

“We had a work session … and went over what we thought the issues were with the plan the way it was,” said Town Supervisor Clyde Drake. “Wendel has updated it to what we wanted the changes to be.”

The previous plan for the town was accepted in 1999 with collaboration with the village of Springville. The update for the new plan was designed to expand upon the 1999 goals and objectives, ensuring consistency with both the recently completed Village of Springville
Comprehensive Plan from 2015 as well as new goals for the town itself.

Drake said the town’s website has been updated to contain the 2018 Town of Concord Comprehensive Plan. The plan is also available in the town clerk’s office.


IN OTHER BUSINESS, Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains said his department had been busy taking care of the snow that hit the area over the past couple of months. He said about a foot-and-a-half of snow blanketed the town during each of the first three snow storms of the season.

“The guys did an excellent job keeping the roads plowed during each storm,” Dains said. The storms hit between Nov. 2 and Dec. 10, he said. “During this timeframe, we’ve been out a total of 14 days with multiple runs.”

Based on those three storms, Dains said the town is expected to be over budget on salt and sand. “I apologize for that, but I can’t stop Mother Nature,” he added.

While plowing, sometimes the force of the snow knocks down mailboxes, Danis said, but the town is not responsible for fixing those boxes if there is no damage from the plow. He said he may consider fixing the boxes if the plows directly damage them.

“It’s a privilege to have your mailbox in the right of way and the town is not responsible for maintaining that,” he said.


ALSO OF NOTE, the town:

  • Approved Jeffrey Singleton as town constable after his resignation from the court officer position due to the possibility of a conflict of interest with him being in the courtroom as both court officer and code enforcement officer;
  • Appointed John Hilliard, Jr. as the new court officer;
  • Approved MDA Consulting Engineers for work on the Kissing Bridge and Craneridge sewer systems in 2019;
  • Appointed Lawrence Crawley as the plow driver for the senior center parking lot.


The reorganizational meeting for the Town of Concord was scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 6:30 p.m. The regular board meeting would follow at 7.