At its quarterly meeting in October, the Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Foundation board of directors welcomed guests Kevin and Jeanne Mahoney. For a second year, they presented a donation from Mahoney & Sullivan Financial Group in East Concord in support of the foundation’s annual appeal, which begins in late October.

Jessica Sullivan, a foundation board member, and Kevin Mahoney, a former hospital board member, stepped forward with the appeal’s first gift. “Rural hospitals like ours are the heart of their communities,” said Nils Gunnersen, BCH CEO. “Foundation gifts to our facility have a long-term benefit for the health of our facility and the health of our community.”


“Annual donations fund projects that directly help patients who seek out care at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital,” said William King, foundation board president. “Each gift that individuals, families and businesses choose to make to our foundation means a new chance to do more for the facility and its services.”

“With our appeal, we’re able to talk not only about the 70-year history of Bertrand Chaffee Hospital, but the Foundation’s 20-year record of funding technology, tools and transformational projects at BCH and JBR,” said Mary Kwiatek, foundation board vice president. A new option with this appeal includes a “Celebration Kit,” where a donor can suggest to their family and friends that they give a gift to the foundation in lieu of a present for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Visit for more information.

Projects funded by the foundation in the past five years include portable ultrasound equipment for the Emergency Department, acute care floor and nursing home, “smart” IV pumps, digital mammography, diagnostic tools for the Heart Center, and specialty treatment equipment for physical therapy.

For more information, visit or call (716) 592-2871 ext. 1485.