Bring your family to see Shake on the Lake (SOTL) perform Shakespeare’s Richard III for free in Springville on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

Shake on the Lake (SOTL) is a non-profit, professional theatre company based in Silver Creek, NY  that specializes in staging outdoor, summer, Shakespeare productions. SOTL is known for productions that incorporate physical comedy, improvisation, and music. The goal is to make Shakespeare approachable for audiences of all levels of Shakespearean knowledge.

Richard III is about a person thought of as “a deformed, evil toad” doing whatever he can to take power and prove to people he is capable, then through his treacherous, violent, machinations betrays friends, loved ones, becomes King, only for it to all go horribly wrong in the end. Richard is a tragic Shakespearean clown, who uses humor, charm, and violence to achieve his goal of becoming the most powerful person in the world—the King of England. Shakespeare’s plays speak across time, with themes that relate to audiences in 1618, to now in 2018.

This free event will be at Heritage Park, 65 Franklin Street, Springville at 6:30 p.m. Rain Location: Springville Center for the Arts, Mongerson Theater, 37 N. Buffalo St., Springville, NY 14141. For more information call (716) 592-9038 or online at