By ROWAN POTZLER, SGI Student Reporter

With this year’s Spirit Week, it brought people posting on their Snapchat stories how all-out they were going for the event. Some asked for someone to go with them to the dance or to the game. Others didn’t care or they’d post themselves getting asked out to the dance.

In the school itself, the student council members decorated their grades’ hallways with different themes. Seniors had “Our the Final Lap”, modeled after Mario Kart. Their hall had Christmas lights, balloons, and was darkened by tissue paper covering the lights.

The juniors’ hall was based on Toy Story, while the sophomores’ resembled Spongebob.

The junior’s hall, like the seniors’, had lights and was darkened.

The freshmen hallways had Donkey Kong on the walls, climbing ladders.

SGI isn’t skimping out on events either. There’s going to be a game of tug of war during the Pep Rally. With that, there’s the usual performances from sports teams – swimming, football, etc. Also during the Rally are games besides tug of war – What’s in the Box? and something called “Fruity Knees.”

During Spirit Week, people dress up. Monday was Camo or ‘Merica Day. Tuesday was Decades Day with the seniors dressing in togas. Wednesday was Tacky Tourist Day, Thursday was Class Color Day, and finally, Friday was Purple and Gold Day.

On Friday, there’s also the homecoming parade. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and begins at the high school itself. It’s not just sports that are marching in it – there’s of course the Marching Band playing, but clubs like the GSA are participating.

Saturday has the semi-formal dance, hosted by the junior class. Tickets went on sale on the 25th, costing less than the ones sold at the door.

This year’s Pep Rally mascot, Hannah Gernold, is a graduating senior. “It’s a very exciting time of the year. Ever since kindergarten, I’d wanted to be the mascot. Now I feel great. Kind of anxious, nerve wracking. It’ll be nerve wracking to do the Pep Rally.” She’s donning the griffin suit just for Homecoming. She wants to do it for the game, too, but she’ll need to talk to Mr. Bialasik, the principal, first.

Through the halls, there’s an electric anticipation of Homecoming. Waiting for the game, the dance, the Pep Rally. Everyone’s ready. Are you?