It has been the goal of the Springville Griffith Community Education Foundation to provide funding for educational programs, facilities and activities involving education, art, physical education and other school and community programs. The Foundation is excited to announce its mini-grant winners for this year.

The Spark! is a creativity program for preschoolers sponsored by the Springville Center for the Arts. They are being awarded a $1,200 mini-grant to purchase equipment and supplies to expand and enhance their summer workshops and year-round program for 2-5 year-olds.

“The impact of these mini-grants on the community is anything but small,” said Seth Wochensky, Executive Director for the Springville Center for the Arts. “In many cases they make the difference between a program happening or not and thanks to the support of the Foundation, Springville Center for the Arts will be expanding this popular program.”

The Springville-Griffith Institute High School will receive a $650 mini-grant to be used for hand power tools for set design for the middle and high school musical productions.

The Springville Middle School will also receive a mini-grant in the amount of $400 to be used for the chess club in order for them to purchase more chess sets and boards so they can better compete with other schools.

Another mini-grant was awarded to Kara Kane to facilitate the addition of four Little Free Libraries to the Springville area. The $535 grant will fund a Little Free Library box to be placed at Heritage Park in the Village of Springville, and three additional charters for libraries at the Boys and Girls Club of Springville, Colden Elementary, and a spot to be determined this summer.

Kane coordinated other Little Free Libraries at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and Springville Elementary School in 2015. “People use these libraries to exchange millions of books each year,” said Kane. “This project promotes literacy and a love of reading and ideas, and there has been great community support in helping keep our exchanges stocked with reading material.”

These grants are made possible from proceeds of a yearly fundraiser held in November. This year the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction will be held on November 4. Sponsorships for the event are now available. Please contact Grover Riefler at (716) 345-0324 if interested.