During a seminar at the Boston Senior Center, Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw presented his comprehensive “Senior Fraud Protection Program” to the large crowd that attended. In addition to thoroughly reviewing the Top 10 scams and warning signs, Comptroller Mychajliw provides each recipient with an information booklet that they can reference at any time to help protect against being victimized by a scammer.

“These lowlifes that prey on the most vulnerable of our County are relentless. I will do what I can to stop this scum dead in their tracks. The ‘Senior Fraud Protection Program’ is an outreach that I formed to help seniors. I talk to folks one-on-one about what to look for in a scam and how to protect themselves. This is critical to stopping scammers from preying on seniors,” stated Comptroller Mychajliw. “My focus is always on protecting taxpayers’ personal assets, and that includes monitoring scams and alerting residents immediately when we see a new trend.”

“I want to thank the Boston Senior Center for welcoming me. I am proud to partner with them to work together to prevent scammers from getting the best of anyone in our community. This program is critical to the wellbeing of the elderly and I am happy to meet with anyone to discuss scams and educate taxpayers,” Comptroller Mychajliw concluded.

This program is available to all seniors throughout Erie County. If any group, church organization, social club, service group, etc. would like to host Comptroller Mychajliw for a presentation, please contact his office at 858-8400 or email comptroller@erie.gov.

The Senior Fraud Protection Program covers the top scams:

1. Medicare/Health Insurance

2.  Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

3.  Funeral & Cemetery Products

4.   Fraudulent Personal Products

5.   Telemarketing & Computer Fraud

6.   Investment Schemes

7.  Homeowner/Contractor Scams

8.  Sweepstakes & Lottery Scams

9.  The Grandparent Scam

Comptroller Mychajliw also helps seniors through the process of what they should do if they are a victim of a scam.

“This program has proven to be effective. It is critical that we stay on top of scammers because they are always looking for new ways to swindle seniors, and we have to protect ourselves,” Comptroller Mychajliw added.