By Elizabeth Riggs

Want to host your teen’s birthday party somewhere off the beaten path? Trying to think outside the box for a bachelor party? Paintball is one the largest growing trends for outdoor entertainment and the perfect solution for group events.

Paintball is typically played in a Capture the Flag format, with two teams trying to bring the opponent’s flag to their own station. Players are eliminated or tagged out by being shot with paint as markers.

The sport is growing in popularity and can be played in the form of speedball, in which the playing field is composed of bunkers; woodsball in which players compete in a natural outdoor area; and scenario, in which players participate in a scenario or story such as a historical reenactment, or video game simulation.

There are several local fields and courses in the greater Springville area that would make great sites for corporate teambuilding, company outings, birthday parties, stag parties, or just fun-filled afternoons with family and friends.

Holland Paintball Adventure Park is located on the property of the Holland NASCAR Motorsports complex at 11586 Holland Glenwood Road, Holland. The park first opened in 2012, and has expanded to four fields, which now host leagues, tournaments and more.

The Holland Park admission is $15 for entry only or $35 for all rentals and admission as well as 100 paintballs. It also offers party packages starting at $350 for 11 players, including equipment rentals, 100 paintballs each, hot dogs, chips and beverages, discounted additional paintballs, as well as a free t-shirt and upgrade for the honored birthday guest.

Last season, the Holland Park introduced low-impact, smaller, and slower paintball guns, which offer the fun of traditional paintball with less pain. For more information on the Holland Paintball Adventure Park, visit

Also offering paintball packages in the area is Tater Wilderness Paintball, located at 6188 Vermont Hill Road in South Wales. Tater Wilderness has six acres of woodball play fields for ages 13 and up, but specializes in private, group outings.

Admission at Tater’s Wilderness is $12, or players can purchase packages of admission and rentals with 100 paintballs for $27, and admission, rentals and 500 paintballs for $44. Tater’s requires a 16-person minimum group size and an $8 deposit per person three days before the game date.

For more information on Tater’s Wilderness Paintball, visit

For those who are interested in making a short day-trip, head to GRC Paintball, located at 5907 Van Allen Road in Angelica, which has been dubbed “one of the world’s greatest paintball fields.”

GRC offers indoor and outdoor speedball fields, a hyperball field, as well as more than 40 acres of woodsball. Also, new this season is a turf playing field. GRC is open Saturdays from 12-5 p.m. and offers open play for $10.

The course also offers various special events throughout the summer, including a Star Wars-themed Battle for Mandalore on June 10th and 11th, and a Battle of Bunker Hill on August 13th. Summer leagues begin on June 4 with entry fees at $450 for 15-minute stop clock games. Teams must have a roster of up to 10 players with no guesting allowed.

For those interested in finding more, there are several Facebook groups dedicated to the sport throughout Western New York that have more information about upcoming events, leagues, locations and more.