By Alex Simmons

The Ashford Station Bistro, located at 5386 Depot St. in West Valley, is a restaurant meant to take you back in time.
“The estate was purchased eight years ago by Emily Tingue,” states an article on The Station. “As the seventh generation in the valley, she began her journey back in time discovering all the offerings of the homestead from the original creation and exploring with friends and surrounding resources, gathering and foraging for unique dishes.”
In fall 2018, “after much discussion with friends and family, and a strong reputation for homemade pies and desserts… Emily was given the opportunity to recreate a local building with another founding family in the village, The Ehman’s,” the article notes.
The idea had really come from Robert who “explained his vision of reconstructing the old country store into a small-town bistro with a historic Steam Engine theme.” After Tingue and Robert had chatted with friends and family, they “all came aboard, spouting ideas and gaining excitement,” Tingue said.
The owners of The Station also own and operate Lucky Day Homestead, where they grow their food “direct from the farm to table with our gardens providing much of the options for our guests as well as supporting farms.” Tingue said that she hopes to be “one of the first restaurants in the area to have local farmers raise and grow specifically for our menu.”
Working to open The Station, “Emily requested the assistance of long-time friend, Rebecca Schmitt for the Cafe and Catering venture, as she has a strong knowledge of unique culinary creations” spending “years in the service industry” as well as “her childhood in the gardens and greenhouses of New York” Tingue states.
Schmitt spent many years in “the restaurant industry in local Ellicottville and exemplifies a strong talent of building dishes straight from the vine” she expressed.
When booking your next party or event, call The Station Bistro and “Becky will assist in developing a mouth-watering menu for you,” Tingue said.
The Station is run by women, as they call themselves “the conductors.” “We are thrilled to be a part of this adventure together and hope to share this experience with our guests.”
Tingue said fixing up the 100-year-old building required “knowledgeable minds and skillful hands,” saying her favorite people are “Roger Tingue, Micheal Gerwitz and Rodney Ehman.” She said each one individually enhanced the vision that is becoming The Station and Lucky Day Homestead.
Tingue learned her culinary skills from her mother and grandmother.
“At a young age I was allowed to spend time in the kitchen, the barn, the wood mill and the gardens and I was a sponge!” she recalled. “After soaking up some of the wisdom of the countryside and family farm, Ellicottville became a second home, challenging the retail and service industry, catching some formal schooling along the way.”
Tingue had managed restaurants such as the Ellicottville Brewing Company, The Silver Fox Steakhouse and Adventure Bound in Ellicottville New York.
Tingue is currently a member of the Town of Ashford Planning Board, owner/artist/baker for Something Scrolled Wood Art, Lucky Day Homestead and The Station Bistro, while also being “a mother to two fantastic individuals (Aleah and Atticus) and a devoted woman to a fantastic man.”
The Station Bistro offers “Americana, comfort foods” including homemade pies, fresh desserts and seasonal creations, Tingue said. She said that customers would tend to choose them over other restaurants because of “the fresh tastes of country, berries kissed by the sun and veggies washed by the rains.”
“We pick the best for our customers and plan to have local farmers raise specifically for our menu,” she said, adding that the atmosphere is “rustic and cozy” providing “fresh, local, farm to fork comfort food.”
You can book an event/party/ or stay with AirBnB at the Lucky Day Homestead on their Facebook page @luckydayhomestead and contact The Station Bistro on their Facebook page at @ashfordstationbistro. You can also call The Station Bistro at 942-3040.
The Ashford Station Bistro is open Thursday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.