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By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter

The start of the school day could soon be changing for the middle and high school in Springville, depending on the results of a transportation study in the Springville-Griffth school district.

At the Jan. 8 meeing of the Board of Education, the board discussed the possibility of a common start time for all students, which would mean a later start time for the middle school and high school.

The board is currently looking at 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for a common start time across the schools. A transportation study was recently conducted to see if it would even be possible.

This change would mean going from double tripping to single tripping, meaning that all students would be on the bus at the same time instead of the current set-up. Currently, the middle school and high school students are picked up first and then the elementary kids are picked up later.
At next month’s meeting on Feb. 12, there will be a presentation on the transportation study.


IN OTHER BUSINESS, Superintendent Kimberly Moritz is looking to move forward with a thought exchange.

This allows her to send all students in the district a question or two asking what they think of this possibility. She is eager to see the feedback that the students have for her.
It is possible that this change could occur for the 2020-21 school year, should they decide to move forward with it.
Administrative reports were given by both the middle school and high school principals.
James Bialasik, high school principal, said students at the high school will begin their scheduling process for next year as soon as the beginning of February.

The high school guidance department is looking to add a new course in the science department: Anatomy and Physiology. The administrators at the high school received feedback from past graduates that this course is something they had to take in college and would have liked to have the opportunity to take it in high school.
Bialasik also noted that on Jan. 25, the high school will be hosting their annual elective fair for the incoming freshmen. New this year, he hopes to have some current freshmen there for the 8th graders to talk to.
Additionally, he mentioned some “curriculum work around something called the Personalized Learning Project.” The high school currently offers independent studies, which are typically in alignment with a course that is already offered.

“The Personalized Learning Project would be something that the students happen to be interested in and we want to try to create a structure for them to be able to learn more about it and just really have the parameters built around what they want to learn about,” Bialasik added.


MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Shanda DuClon reported that teachers and other staff members at the middle school discussed the possibility of making the day before break less of an instructional day.

But that raised the question: “Will it become a blow off day for students or a day of enrichment?”
The 6th grade really took off with the idea and had a “fall fest.” The students engaged in team building activities, made kindness cards for Mrs. Beyea and played outside in the snow.

Some of the 7th graders had a “fall feast” in a few of their classes, but for others, it was just another instructional day.
DuClon also compared the parent-teacher conference data from this year with that in past years. She noted that it was comparative to last year and added a few other details and things to take into consideration.
The Varsity Club Donation was also discussed. Varsity Club is a fund that mainly contains money from fundraisers executed by various varsity sports teams. The money goes into the fund and is pooled until there is something that those in charge of it feel it should go towards. Athletic Director Joe DeMartino said that the money in the fund as of right now has been sitting for a few years.

In conjunction with the current advisor for the Varsity Club, Mr. Marvin, DeMartino decided to put the money towards new equipment for the fitness room at the high school.
This new equipment includes two steppers and a rowing machine which will be utilized by student athletes in addition to students during gym classes.
The next regular Board of Education is scheduled for Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the High School Library Media Center.