By Alicia Dziak

Next week, SGI seventh graders will be displaying their Kids Can Make a Difference projects for family and friends to see. The project, which has spanned a majority of the school year, required students to partner with an organization of their choice and volunteer, as well as present their work on a tri-fold board to be displayed. Over the last few weeks, we have featured several of these projects in the Springville Times, and even though the official project is coming to an end, we’re sure that many of these students will continue their amazing work in the community. Please continue to let us know what you or your children are doing to make this world a better place! Email us at

Helping Animals

Lily Dziak’s family has been fostering dogs since her older sister was in seventh grade two years ago and did it for her KCMAD project. Since they began in the fall of 2015, they have fostered 19 dogs, adopting two of them. Lily works with Empire Animal Rescue Society Inc.(EARS) in Salamanca.

When they get a new foster dog, they go pick it up in Salamanca. Sometimes Lily gets to name the puppy, although some of the older ones already have a name. From there, they take the dog back to their house and treat it like their own. Lily takes lots of pictures of the dogs to put on social media to help them get adopted. She and her sister even have their own Instagram account (@dziakdogs) for posting pics of their fosters. Lily is responsible for feeding the dogs, taking them outside, making sure they get exercise, house and crate training them, and learning all about them so she can tell potential adopters. Her family is also responsible for transporting their fosters to and from the rescue if they need to be spayed or neutered.

“I like fostering because I like helping dogs find the home that they were meant to be in,” Lily said. “The best part is when they get adopted, even though it’s sad sometimes.”

She also says fostering is a good way to learn about different breeds of dogs. “One of our favorite fosters we had was a beagle-feist mix,” Lily said. “I had never heard of a feist, but they are smaller-sized hunting dogs usually from the south. The second feist mix we ended up adopting, and the third one, my cousins adopted, so we really like that breed! They have sweet personalities and love to cuddle, and are very fast. Our vet had never even seen a feist before, so when we first took our dog, everyone who worked there wanted to come in and see him!”

In addition, for her project, Lily hosted a Christmas party and asked guests to bring dog and cat food and toys, which she then delivered to EARS.

Lily said she would like to continue fostering dogs after the project ends.

To see all the current animals up for adoption through EARS, visit their Facebook page.

Helping Sick Children

For her project, Emma Rosenswie did a can drive for the Eric Wood foundation, which supports chronically ill children and their families at the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital.

“I have met Eric and he is a very caring and compassionate man. He does a lot to encourage and help special needs and chronically ill children and I wanted to help out in any way to support his cause,” Emma said. “When I had my stay at children’s hospital, I saw how difficult it was for some of the kids and their families who were there, and I felt this way a good way to support Eric in his cause.”

Emma sat outside the Kiwanis booth during last weekend’s Pageant of the Bands and collected from friends and neighbors. She raised over $250 to donate!