By Alex Simmons

For the first time in New York state history, registered voters have the choice to vote early.

Early voting begins Oct. 26 and runs until Nov. 3.  Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Voters do not have to have a reason or excuse to vote early.

Poll site locations will “not necessarily be your usual poll site.” Some counties will assign you to a poll site while others will allow you to go to any poll site within the county to vote. You can find out where these poll sites will be located on the county Board of Elections website or the State League website,

The poll site location for early voting in the Springville and Concord area will be the Concord Senior Center, 40 Commerce Drive, Springville. However, voters may vote at any location regardless of where they reside.

On Nov. 5, voters are required to go to their assigned poll site.

Voters must still have registered to vote prior to Oct. 11, 2019, for early voting. The early voting ballot will be identical to the ballot provided on Election Day. A sample ballot will be posted at each poll site.

All ballots submitted early between Oct. 26 and Nov. 3 will be counted on Nov. 5 no earlier than 8 p.m. Once you submit your ballot, you cannot vote again or change your vote.

Vote 411 is the League’s electronic voter guide. Visit, enter your address and find out the races and candidates on your ballot. Specific information on the candidates is also available.

More information also available at