By Kellen M. Quigley

Amid worsening weather Feb. 13, the Concord Town Board held a quick and quiet meeting beginning with the acceptance of monthly reports.

In the town’s highway report, Superintendent Barry Edwards said the department has been busy plowing throughout the town as well as at the library, senior center and town hall. He said some of the trucks have had various maintenance work done with some equipment being replaced.

Also at the senior center, new signs for veterans parking were installed, Edwards said.

Sand and salt have been blended multiple times. He said there are about 1,384 tons of salt from the county and state combined compared to 1,396 tons from the same time last year.

Finally, Edwards recommended the town accept the lone bid of Crab Energy Products for the town’s fuel. The town board approved accepting the bid under regular business.

From the fire department, Councilman Phil Drozd reported that the department held its installation dinner and new members were sworn in.
Under old business, Drozd said the LED streetlight project the town undertook last year has been completed, including the installation of five new streetlights.

“It’s been a year,” he said. “One project down and saved us some money.”
Town Supervisor Clyde Drake said the town has received a single complaint about the brightness of the new lights. Drozd said drawing curtains should take care of the brightness at night.

In regular business, the town board approved sending out the mowing and cemetery proposals for the senior center, East Concord Cemetery, Morton Corners Cemetery and the cemetery on Spaulding Road.

Drake said he had no complaints with the person the town contracted with to do the mowing last year.

Next, the board approved the appointment of Edwin Heary as the alternate for the Assessment Board of Review. The board also approved the reappointment of Jeff Singleton as the town constable and the appointment of Raymond Hilliker to the town planning board.

At the Craneridge sewer district, Drake said there has been a problem with one of the pumps and MDA Engineers have looked at it and have bids for a new pump.

“It’s basically $9,016.35 to make the necessary repairs,” he said. “There’s two pumps up there and this is to revamp one of them.”

The board approved the proposal by Koester Associates as recommended by MDA to do the work.

Drake also said there is another pump station that could be fixed for $1,470. The board approved the purchasing of materials and to have the MDA plant staff complete the installation.

Finally, Drake reported that he had been contacted about a situation at the Lucy Bensley Center, which is shared by both the Springville Chamber of Commerce and the Concord Historical Society.

Drake said there was a day when the chamber was trying to hold a meeting but the historical society had given another group permission to use the building. He was told the group was loud and disrupted the chamber’s meeting.

Drake said after discussing the situation with the historical society, it was reaffirmed that because the Lucy Bensley Center is a town building, any meetings held by any groups other than the chamber or historical society must be first approved by the town. He also noted that there is room at the town hall for meetings as well.