By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the Village of Springville Board of Trustees met Monday, March 20.   The meeting was opened with a moment of silence for the Skelton family. Trustees Wikman and Skelton were not present.

Village administrator Liz Melock asked the board to approve the 2016 LOSAP or Length of Service Awards Program, the service awards points for local firefighters.  Mayor Krebs noted that distribution and amount were well within the recommended amounts from the village auditors.   Melock then went over modifications to the village employee handbook.  Most modifications were corrections that mirrored the language in the new village employee contract.  An important change in the handbook was the driver’s license policy of the village.  It was recommended that the village use the NYS LENS program to verify the status of drivers.  The License Event Notification System allows employers to monitor the status of renewal or suspensions on the license and also reports accidents or traffic convictions.   If there is a problem with a village employee and their license, it will be addressed by the department head.  Melock closed by asking the board to approve a motion to move the public hearing on Solar energy to April 17, 2016 from its slated April 3, 2017 meeting.  The April 3 meeting is the village reorganization meeting.

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostnowiak reported to the board and asked for several resolutions in regard to preparing the village for its placement of charging stations.  First, the village approved a resolution agreeing to the ten elements of Climate Smart Community. Basically, the village agrees to start using energy more efficiently and looks for environmentally conscious ways of receiving energy.  Information about Climate Smart can be found online at   

By doing so, it would allow for the next resolution that Kostnowiak asked for: permission to apply for the matching that would allow the village to install electric car charging stations.  The charging stations would be at 65 Franklin Street and in Shuttleworth Park.   Alan Chamberlain remarked that the stations could be a point of economic stimulus.  Someone travelling on Route 219 sees that we have charging stations and would come into the village to charge and then visit our businesses while the vehicle charges.

Kostnowiak then reported on the progress of 65 Franklin Street.  “We are in striking distance,” was the way he worded it. He noted that the Certificate of Occupancy is in process and they are completing the Certificate of successful completion for the project.

In other business, he asked the village to surplus for online auction an older village dump truck and an authorizing agreement between Buffalo Road Enterprises and the village for property on Cattaraugus Street.  It would allow for electricity access on a land locked property.

Village Police Officer in Charge Nick Budney asked the village to approve the Rules and Regulations Manual for the village police. The manual guides the operation of the police department.  Krebs thanked Budney for his work in compiling the manual. “It was very technical and administrative in its language,” noted Krebs.   Budney also commented that the Springville Police Department teamed with STOP DWI this past St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  STOP DWI allowed the village to have 17 extra hours of patrols. Even though there were no DWI arrests, there was one arrest for traffic violations and numerous citations given.   

Mike Kaleta updated the board on the property at 100 South Central.  The public hearing for the demolition of the property will be on May 15, 2017.

The village then moved to pass the 2017-2018 budget. Krebs noted that the tax amount per one thousand dollars was incorrect in previous reports.  The correct amount per one thousand would be $16.99, not $16.86 as it was reported in other documents.  There is no change in expenditures or the tax levy.  Also the village set the public hearing for the traffic and Private Property Law on April 17, 2017.

Trustee Moriarty reported that the village received $28,000 Water Quality Grant.  The grant was designed to reimburse the village on expenditures for Heritage Park.

Lastly, Krebs reported that Village of Springville Electric Division was able to assist the Village of Hamburg’s National Grid and NYSEG customers in restoring their electric during last week’s State of Emergency.  The Hamburg Mayor complimented the Village of Springville Electric workers’ diligence and work ethic.  Krebs also noted that he was asked to write letters to our Federal representatives in relation to the 2017-2018 Trump budget. He noted that were we able to replace many water lines and keep the walkability of the village in recent years because of HUD many and grants distributed through them.

Legal counsel Paul Weiss noted he would be at Traffic Law Conference on April 1 in Groveland, NY.

The next regular meeting will be held April 3, 2017 at 7 p.m. at 65 Franklin Street, Springville.