By Ashlee Oakley

Welcome, and congratulations to Christopher Scarpine, the newly-hired principal at Springville Elementary School!

While having grown up in Mayville, on Lake Chautauqua in New York, and one of approximately 36 graduates of Mayville Central School in his graduating class, Scarpine considers SES his “home.” This is where he began his career in education as a teacher, and he states, “the students, faculty, staff, and community in Springville have always been wonderful to me. I’m excited for the opportunity to return (as principal).”

Scarpine held a variety of positions while at SES before he left in 2014 to become assistant principal at Lake Shore Middle School. “I taught for 9 years at SES, grades 3, 4 and 5,” Scarpine noted.

After graduating high school, Scarpine entered the U.S. Navy where he served as a Corpsman, four years active duty and three years in the Navy Reserves. While in the Reserves, Scarpine attended University at Buffalo, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in psychology. Later, he attended Medaille College, receiving a Master of Science degree in elementary education, and more recently, he has earned two advanced certificates in school building leadership and school district leadership, from SUNY at Fredonia.

Scarpine hopes to continue to promote a symbiotic relationship with the community as a whole, his experience being that SES has always been a large part of the Springville community. “Continuing to foster relationships with community organizations that benefit the well-being of our students and their families will be a primary focus, as well as giving back to the community via community service and outreach.”

He goes on to praise SES and Springville Griffith Institute as a whole for the wonderful resources available in the forms of technology, faculty and staff, and community support. “Using these resources, our plan will be to make Springville Elementary School the new standard for elementary education,” Scarpine adds.

Another focal point for Scarpine will be to help sustain the “school climate in which all students feel welcomed and safe… When addressing any disciplinary issues that arise, it is important to fully understand ALL of the circumstances, and then speak with all of the involved parties to ensure that the communication is clear, accurate, and there are no misunderstandings.”

The key to all of this, Scarpine says, is being sure to acknowledge there is an issue when it arises, and taking exact and meaningful steps to correct the situation. “You have to be someone that is willing to do the work and put in the time that is necessary,” he says. When asked what the best piece of advice he’s ever gotten has been, he replied, “Take any and all advice that you can get. Use what is useful, and save the rest, because at some point in life it may  become useful.”

He is a firm believer that you must be able to listen to the people most affected, when trying to make decisions that affect many, or bring about growth and positive change.

While busy, Scarpine finds time to be involved in his community at home in Angola, where he is involved in his daughters’ soccer and softball leagues, as well as his local Boys and Girls Club. Also, he is a member of the Lake Erie Charter Boat Captains Association, and the National Charter Boat Association. He labels himself an outdoorsman, and loves hunting and fishing, as well as camping with his wife, Amie, and two daughters, Marisa and Lucie (don’t forget Kuma, the dog!).

Scarpine’s hopes are to make SES the best elementary school in Western New York, and asserts, “…and with the faculty, staff, and community we have to grow with, I know we can be.”

Scarpine’s official start date at Springville Elementary School is Aug. 25; if you would like to reach him with any questions or concerns, his email address is available on the school district’s website.