By Derek M. Otto

Last March, Springville’s Fiddler’s Green Nursing Home underwent a change of management.  The new administrator, Mark Smeltzer, took over as administrator and some changes could be seen.

First was the repaving of the parking lot and second was the fact that Chef’s Restaurant and Lloyd’s Taco Truck began appearing in that new parking lot.

According to Smeltzer, the food truck idea was the brainchild of their marketing director.   

“The food trucks were invited and they provided residents, employees and the Springville community a chance at something different, said Smeltzer.

Even better Smeltzer added, is that “Ten percent of the proceeds go to charities. Last year we gave to Love INC., The Alzheimer Association and to MS, at a resident’s request.”

The food trucks did so well in Springville that they wanted to come back! “Chef’s did over two thousand in sales the first night and wanted to come back,” Smeltzer noted.

Every Wednesday, starting on May 17, Lloyd’s Taco Truck will be in the front parking lot.  Lloyd’s features an old and new school array of taco and Tex-Mex style cuisine and even a bacon wrapped hotdog.  Their schedule and menu is online at   

Anyone in the region knows about Chef’s restaurant in Buffalo, but to be able to get their Spaghetti Parm in Springville?  Yes, that’s right! Chef’s food truck will be coming to Springville this summer as well, and more frequently—almost every Thursday.  Chef’s will also make some stops this spring. Be sure to check out the community calendar on page 2 for the dates.

Chef’s on the Go Food truck overs a smaller menu than the restaurant, but stuffed shells, spaghetti parm and cannoli are on the menu.  A full menu can be downloaded at

And if that’s not enough, more food trucks may be getting added to the lineup. Stay tuned!