Photo by Kellen M. Quigley
Trevett Road in the town of Concord has been closed for several months now, and the detour around it from Route 39 to Zoar Valley Road has emergency responders worried that the failure to fix the road may lose someone their life.

By Kellen M. Quigley

There was much discussion at the May 9 meeting of the Concord Town Board concerning the closure of Trevett and Groth roads due to undriveable conditions.
The board unanimously authorized Town Supervisor Clyde Drake to send a letter to the Erie County DPW Commissioner regarding the recent deterioration of Groth Road, “making travel treacherous for emergency vehicles, school buses and the general public.”
The board also authorized Drake to send a second letter that would point out the “continued negligence to re-open south Trevett Road at the closed section just north of Zoar Valley Road.”
Supervisor Drake said that the letters would put the county on notice, which is the only legal step the town has available at this time.
“I’ve been down there and Trevett Road hasn’t moved,” said Council member Phil Drozd, who was a senior highway engineer for 15 years with Erie County, spending much of his time in area covering the town of Concord.
“In the four years that I’ve been gone, that’s four years that realistically nothing much has happened down here,” he said. “I fixed that exact same spot twice… it just needs constant maintenance down there.”
Drozd said he is ashamed of the condition of the road now. He said the crew employees who worked under him are ashamed of the condition, too.
During the pubic discussion portion of the meeting, County Legislator John Mills reported on the roads and infrastructure in the Concord area, noting that the roads the county is responsible for are in rough shape.
Mills said that several roads in the town are scheduled to be worked on this summer, according to tony Scolese, the highway department engineer at the East Concord site. These roads would include Abbott Hill Road, Brown Hill Road, Emerling Road and South Vaughn Street. A bridge replacement is also scheduled for Trevett Road at Route 39.
According to Mills, the county is working on opening Trevett Road back up soon after a closure last year due to heavy washout.
“Heavy duty patching” is also lined up for Zoar Valley Road.
“I’ve been trying to get the state to work with us and the federal government to work with us,” Mills said. “To do that road right, it would cost $22 million dollars. … We have people from all over the country and sometimes the world visit that pristine area. Don’t you think it’s common sense to have a good road to get there?”
Firemen Steve Bugary and Bob Darling of the Morton Corners Fire District explained that the fire company has been having problems serving the residents in that area because of Trevett and Groth roads being closed. They said the fire company has to come into Springville and take an alternate route around, which could take as long as 10 minutes and not save somebody in time.
Mills said that he is working with the county on trying to get emergency funding for Groth Road and that the Trevett Road project is in the design stage now.
Having things on the record such as petitions, calling the County Executive, flooding social media — “be the squeaky wheel” — is the way to help get something done.
Those who wish to submit a petition or do a writing letter campaign can do so at the Concord Town Hall with Town Clerk Darlene Schweikert or with Nancy Heath in Mill’s county office.