Photo by Kellen M. Quigley
The Steelbound Brewery & Restaurant of Springville had its first sneak peek last week during for a fundraiser for SYI and The Club, but a grand opening date is still uncertain.

By Kellen M. Quigley

The Steelbound name known so well in Ellicottville will soon be a household word in Springville when Bill Bursee expands his brewery and restaurant business with a second location this fall.
Located in the old Robinson Knife Factory that stood on the site at 243 West Main St. about a century ago, Steelbound Brewery & Restaurant of Springville will occupy the former Papa Jake’s Saloon that was housed within the factory.
Last week, Steelbound of Springville hosted a fundraiser event for SYI and The Club, offering a sneak peek inside the renovated restaurant before its official opening in the coming months.
“It’s not really about us, it’s about SYI and The Club,” Bursee said last week. “As far as us, our restaurant is ready to go.”
Unfortunately, Bursee said they’ve been having trouble getting their liquor license from New York state, which is a primary cause of delaying the opening. “We can’t complete it without it,” he added.
According to Bursee, the new brewery is smaller than Ellicottville’s building by about 4,000-square feet at 7,200. There will be seating for about 280 people whereas the Ellicottville facility seats over 300.
Bursee said the building at the second location didn’t require extensive renovation, but it’s going to require all new equipment and all new seating. He said when patrons come in, the space is going to feel like a brewery with chalkboards and corrugated metal.
“It’s simple. It’s what I do. Construction is easy for me,” Bursee said. “Getting ready and getting our staff ready to go and work and getting the stuff to the table so we can sell it is the easiest part.” He said he plans to employ 25 to 30 people.
According to Bursee, the Springville location is going to offer a lot of things the Ellicottville location does not. He said one of the big things they’re trying to put together right now is to have a Sunday Brunch every week.

THE FLAGSHIP location in Ellicottville offers a variety of beers, from stouts to ales, with their most popular brew being the Last Minute IPA. Like the Ellicottville facility, the Springville Steelbound location will also feature a dinner menu.
Bursee opened the flagship spot for his Steelbound bar/restaurant and brewery/distillery in Ellicottville last year on Route 219, across from Tim Hortons.
“Steelbound (in Ellicottville) is doing phenomenal,” he said. “In July, we were up 110% over last year’s July. In May and June, we were up over 45% both those months, and this month we are looking at another 100% over last year, so I don’t think we could be doing any better.”
This Sunday, Aug. 25, Steelbound in Ellicottville will be holding a special Subaru Car Show and Canning Day to unveil the brewery’s newest batch: Subabrew DDH Double IPA beer.
“We took a picture of a four-pack of the cans, and within eight hours, 45,000 people viewed it,” Bursee said. “It was so popular from the picture of a four-pack, I can’t imagine what will happen when all these Subaru fanatics come out.”
Starting at 9 a.m., Subaru drivers and beer lovers in‌ ‌general are invited come down and join in the process of canning this juicy New England style double. Fresh four packs of the beer will be available the moment they come off the line.
Bursee said Steelbound’s beer is being distributed as far as Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton. He said their liquor will begin distributing in October as well.
In Ellicottville, Bursee said they still have people coming in who thought the site was just a brewery and are excited to see the restaurant and bar.
“I think it’s a large part of why we’ve grown so drastically the past couple months,” he said. “We have a big following of people coming from Amherst, Williamsville and Clarence. It’s incredible.”
Additionally, Bursee said they’ve been getting a lot of campers in from nearby campgrounds.
“We’re excited about Springville. We can’t wait to get that thing open,” he said. “But we’re also excited about all the progress we’re making in Ellicottville.”