The Village of Springville, and Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail Inc. (ECRT) proudly announce the opening of the Springville “Pop Warner” Rail Trail.  The Springville “Pop Warner” Rail Trail is a 1.8 mile trail along the discontinued Buffalo and Pittsburgh Rail Road right-of-way which runs from Orchard Park to the Town of Ashford.  The Springville trail is named after football legend Pop Warner who lived in Springville.

While ECRT is negotiating with the B&P for a rail banking agreement which will transfer ownership to ECRT, the Village of Springville received a right-of-entry agreement to develop a multiuse trail within the Village limits.  The Trail was funded in part by a grant from the Springville Griffith Institute Community Educational Foundation.  This is the first section of the 27 mile right-of-way to be developed and opened.

Mayor Bill Krebs  said “The residents of Springville have supported the conversion of the discontinued rail right-of-way to a multiuse trail since 2009.  I am thrilled that the B&P Rail Road, Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, Inc., and the Springville Community Foundation have partnered with the Village to make the Trail a reality.”

“This had been a long time coming,” said Deborah Fenn, current co-chair and founding member of ECRT, “and this is just the beginning of what will arguably become the most glorious multi-use recreational trail in all of Western New York.   After more than eight years and a number of negotiation phases, ECRT is now very close to gaining title to the full 27 mile corridor.  Meanwhile, we have hardworking, steadfast leaders like Mayor Krebs to thank for our progress to date.  This grand opening is truly historic, and the citizens of Springville can take pride in this significant step forward.”

ECRT Co-Chair Gary Willert added, “The Village of Springville, as lead by Mayor Bill Krebs, exemplifies in the highest regard what can be achieved when we all pull together, and we are confident the other municipalities within this 27 mile corridor will jump on board when the time comes. For now, we are still negotiating an interim trail use/rail banking agreement with B&PRR, have filed the required documentation with the Federal Surface Transportation Board, and continue work under a Right Of Entry Agreement, We wish to thank our ever-increasing support base within the Southern Tier of Western New York.”

Krebs said the Village is looking forward to making the Trail experience in the Village more pleasurable with historic and nature markers, surface improvements, and aesthetic improvements.  “As happy as we are to celebrate the opening of our Trail, we are enthusiastic about the future development of the right-of-way which will improve our community.”

For  more info, contact the Springville Village Office (716) 592-4936 or