By Alicia Dziak

Favors for wedding guests are a staple at almost any wedding. It’s a token of appreciation and can be something traditional like candy or something more unique.  According to, “every guest at the reception, including the wedding party, any children present, and the entertainers should all receive a wedding favor.”

In this day and age of DIY, why not create something truly memorable for your guests that they won’t just toss to the side once they leave your reception?

Who doesn’t love food? If you’re trying to move away from the foil-wrapped chocolates, how about a small jar of homemade jam, honey, maple syrup or even a little s’mores kit (wrap up graham crackers, chocolate bars and a marshmallow)?

For something a little longer lasting, how about small herbs or succulents displayed creatively, like in a teacup or shot glass? suggests “These hearty plants are pretty, inexpensive and practically unkillable. For a special touch, pot in colored gravel or sand to match your wedding theme”

Common household items like cookie cutters, wine glasses, beer mugs or coffee mugs can also be wrapped up or filled with goodies, for an item that will be used for years to come.

If the wedding is around a holiday, themed favors are easy and fun. Try anything heart-shaped in February, clover-shaped cookies in March or an ornament in December.

Personalized tags are an inexpensive way to customize just about anything, so get creative, or find endless designs online, stock your printer ink and get started. Use a hole punch and coordinating ribbon to attach to just about anything.

Think of the wedding favor as the “thank you” before the thank you—it lets your guests know how much you appreciate their presence, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune—it truly is the thought that counts!