Caitlin Croft considers herself a “die hard WNY’er” and graduated from SGI in 2006.

Caitlin attended SUNY Cortland for her freshman year and transferred to University at Buffalo to ski race and was accepted to their highly accredited Business School.

Upon graduation, Caitlin worked at Papa Jake’s for almost two years. Her father owns and operates Concord Detail, across from the auction, and in the winter, he is the Adult Lesson Supervisor at Holiday Valley.

Now a resident of Ellicottville, Caitlin has immersed herself into the local scene there. In addition to writing business, event and ski racing articles for the Springville Times and Ellicottville Times, Caitlin coaches youth ski racing at Holiday Valley. She is also a licensed real estate salesperson with Team Pritchard, and can be found catering at HoliMont for Dina’s and bartending at Finnerty’s during the warmer months. She was also recently appointed to the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board. “One could say I like to keep my plate full,” she says.

“Despite moving a handful of times, Springville is my home,” Caitlin says. “It has been remarkable to see Springville grow over the years. I love that it seems to be a hub for the outlying southtown communities. So many come to do their shopping, have dinner/drinks, have cars fixed, buy cars, go to the doctor, get their gas, all of the staples. The community is so embracing, they are always willing to help. I don’t think I have ever met a community that throws fundraisers so often. This to me is beyond remarkable, helping friends/family/strangers in need and the communities ability to dig in and push through anything is just astounding.”