30 Years of Community-Driven Sales and Services

By Ashlee Oakley

The history of this business is an interesting Springville story. Vice President David Batterson, Jr. first explains the background: Batterson’s father, David Batterson, Sr., and his uncle, Jim Webster, started the business in 1986. Shortly after, Batterson says they parted ways, as his uncle was happy to stay in the business they were in, but Batterson, Sr. was inspired to continue to grow within the community.

The Battersons bought Webster out, and the name “Springville Door & Window” was given to the business, first working out of an office at their home, then out of a building at 372 South Cascade Drive.  After a significant growth in sales and the spatial needs of the business, they moved to 455 South Cascade Drive, and stayed there for many years.

In 1997, they moved to their current building at 56 Waverly Street, where most of their staff work out of, and which is their only showroom. Batterson says he has been working in the building since about 2000, moving up through the ranks from “go-’fer” to vice president. He notes, “I was always hanging around the shop, but about two years after they moved up here from the 219 is when I really started to work here [regularly].”
During the busy summer season, Batterson says they typically have 10-15 people on-staff. In the off-season, they typically keep on about 6-7 staff members, with Batterson and his uncle, general manager of Springville Door & Window Jeff Webster, doing the majority of the administration for the business. Springville Door & Window appreciates its staff, who have recently gone on a Chautauqua cruise during Labor Day weekend, and enjoy company picnics and Christmas parties, where proceeds go back into the community through local charities. Employees are also offered discounts when purchasing products and services from their workplace.

Batterson explains, “What sets us apart from box stores is our focus on quality, not only with products, but with the people installing them.”

Walking into the showroom, a sign hangs prominently that states, “It takes a truly wealthy person to buy cheap products, over and over again.”

Batterson says it’s one of his dad’s favorites, and rings true to their business model: “We are rarely the least expensive option you have. That being said, we may not be the most expensive, either, but our focus is on quality. Many of our premium products come with substantial warranties that we believe in. We ourselves provide a three-year warranty for any services that we provide. We also hire all of our own people individually for installation, we don’t sub-contract. That is how we keep quality high; we can feel comfortable guaranteeing that our workers are going to do the job well.” He adds, “Our attitude is focused toward the customer— we do our best to minimize disruption to the home, and strive to leave homes as clean or cleaner than before we came in.”

Winter is coming, and Springville Door & Window is prepared to assist with your energy-saving needs. Most of their products have a high-energy rating, and Batterson notes, “Almost all of our products have the option to meet the current Energy Star ratings.” He clarifies that the Energy Star categories can be difficult to navigate, and the professionals at Springville Door & Window can help to recognize what the best products will be to make your home more energy-efficient.

For the first-time customer, Batterson suggests, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions—the more you know, the more smoothly it can go. He also encourages the customer to deliberate before making a decision that will permanently affect their home. They don’t do “hooks” or discounts for rushing to buy; what you see is what you get, locally sold and installed by employees of this small but efficient business. They do require a deposit if you are placing orders for work to be done, and Batterson is not afraid to have customers compare prices among similar businesses, as he feels their prices are marked competitively. “We are focused on you, the consumer— not only do we want you to feel comfortable, but we ultimately want to provide you with the best value for your dollar,” Batterson asserts.

Of his job, Batterson says that he loves that it is a different job every day. He is a self-proclaimed problem-solver by nature, and there is always something that arises, be it the need for materials or issues with jobs. Some days everything actually goes smoothly! “I never know what I’m going to get. It’s always an adventure, and always changing,” he said.

Batterson notes that they are on Facebook, and that you may visit their website at www.sdwny.com. Or call (716) 592-9803 to contact this community-oriented business for your home improvement needs!