By Jolene Hawkins

Following the history about the GAR monument that was in the paper two weeks ago, we learned that the master carver was James Batterson, who created the statue that sits upon the monument in Fiddler’s Green Park in Springville.  When it was dedicated on June 18, 1891, J P Myers, the Commander of the Crary GAR Post at the time, secured cheap railroad fare for those who wanted  to attend the unveiling of the Soldiers Monument.

Some of the rates that were posted were:  From Buffalo to Springville (round trip) $1, Ellicottville to Springville (round trip) 65 cents, Bradford, Pa. to Springville (round trip) $1.40 .

The monument itself, for those that have not seen it yet, is a whopping 27 feet tall, 8 feet across the base.  During the unveiling,  the town and local businesses were decorated with flags and banners. There were numerous bands playing, including the Sentiment Drum Corps out of Sardinia and the 65th band.

Following the unveiling, there were speeches by Lieutenant Governor Edward F Jones, Honorable J M Farquhar, Honorable E W Hatch, as well as Col. John Rorbach. There were poems read, and the Ladies Relief Corp provide refreshments and a meal.